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Farnham Estate, Cavan
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Farnham Estate has 158 guestrooms and suites, offering guests wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. 8 of the 12 suites are located in the old house and the remaining bedroom are in a modern 3 story block.

The wealth and beauty of Farnham’s own plant life is reflected in the theme of the dining experiences at Farnham Estate. The hotel’s Botanica Restaurant menu includes the finest of local, seasonal produce and is a sophisticated and creative celebration of the Irish botanical world.

Located within the kitchen, The Potting Shed is a private dining room with lots of character, catering for small parties with up to 10-12 guests. Diners here can enjoy watching the chefs in action – up close and personal. Great for a private group who want to keep the entertainment between themselves....private!

Within the Farnham Estate Health Spa is The Pear Tree Restaurant, serving deliciously healthful cuisine throughout the day. This restaurant caters to spa guests only, allowing them to enjoy light and nutritious food while remaining in their spa attire.