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Spa Ireland


A guide to spa speak

First time visiting a spa or 10th - it doesn't matter; the range of treatments & experiences can be confusing. If you're not sure about a treatment don't be afraid to ask. Our glossary is a start to understanding the terms but not definitive - the list is truly endless.


Arabic Steam Bath. A hammam treatment may include a rigorous soap wash followed by a massage with essential oils

Hopi Ear Candling

Gets its name from the Hopi Indians of north east Arizona. A lit candle is placed in the ear and draws out earwax and impurities as it burns

Hot Stone Massage

Specially selected heated stones are used to massage the body. The smooth basalt stones have high iron content, enabling them to retain heat and the stones are applied at varying degrees of heat, wet, onto an oiled body. The effect is similar to a combination of sauna and massage, without having to breathe in steam. Induces a state of deep relaxation

Hydrotherapy Bath

A bathtub filled with water and jets that pummel and massage the entire body. Colour therapy may also be used