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Spa Ireland


A guide to spa speak

First time visiting a spa or 10th - it doesn't matter; the range of treatments & experiences can be confusing. If you're not sure about a treatment don't be afraid to ask. Our glossary is a start to understanding the terms but not definitive - the list is truly endless.

Rain Showers

A shower programmed to flow gently, then building up to a deluge before gradually reducing to a fine drizzle, mimicking a tropical rain shower

Rasul – see Serail

Elaborately tiled steam room in which different types of mud are applied to the body and later washed off allowing for a cleansing and detoxifying effect. Can involve more than one person and be quite a sociable treatment


A healing process using a highly specialised massage technique, concentrating on reflex areas in the feet, which reflect particular organs of the body. A reflexologist will often be able to identify physical problems you might have just by manipulating the related area of your feet


Reiki means universal life energy and this is a Japanese treatment in which the practitioner places his or her hands on or over the client's body to channel energy into and around the body. Blockages are released and energy stimulated. Leaves you feeling calm, relaxed and able to see things clearly.