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Spa Ireland


A guide to spa speak

First time visiting a spa or 10th - it doesn't matter; the range of treatments & experiences can be confusing. If you're not sure about a treatment don't be afraid to ask. Our glossary is a start to understanding the terms but not definitive - the list is truly endless.

Warm Mist Grotto

Cocooned in a warm, fine mist, which can be enriched with essential substances, a refreshing and invigorating effect is achieved on the skin and in the airways


Method of temporary hair removal. Warm or cool wax is applied to areas of unwanted hair. A special strip is smoothed over the area then quickly removed taking the hair with it. Painfully effective

Weight Loss

Many spa properties offer programmes specifically geared to weight loss or diet change. This is definitely true of Health Farms though equally likely to be the case at other Spa categories. Always feel free to request special dietary consideration when you book as this can be easier to arrange in advance than on arrival