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Hodson Bay Hotel & Spa, Roscommon
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The Spa at Hodson Bay guarantees you leave the shores dreaming of your return.

Allow your senses to be enveloped by an air of serenity as you enjoy the sanctuary, warmth and tranquility that is the Spa at Hodson Bay. From the moment your journey begins at this luxury health spa, all you have to do is let your worries go and allow the highly skilled and committed spa team to pamper you. Their professional and friendly team, world class Spa, the menu, and the exclusive spa treatments will guarantee total de-stress and relaxation during your time there.

Finally complete your journey in their luxurious relaxation room, with the unique and refreshing “drink of the day”, with your own personal ipod, looking over the beautiful lake views outside the Spa at Hodson Bay.

Anti-Cellulite Therapy

Anti Cellulite Thigh Treatment
A self-heating marine mud is applied to localised areas to initiate rapid absorption of minerals while simultaneously forcing stagnant fluid out of the tissues. This thermal compress is followed by the application of our thigh smoothing gel. A potent and unique cominbation.

Body Scrub

Body Exfoliation
Seasalt & Peppermint Oil Cinnamon, honey & Brown Sugar Soap Scrub

Body Scrub & Massage

Aromatherapy Associates Citrus Detox Reviver
Feel cleansed inside and out with this powerful treatment. After exfoliation to smooth and refine the skin, stimulating massage and foot reflex points encourage the release and elimination of unwanted toxins.

Body Wrap

Detoxifying Marine Mud Wrap
This warm body mask of rich seaweed is recommended for its impressive detoxifying properties. It stimulates the body's metabolism and elmiminates impurities from the body, it includes exfoliation and a finishing application of a marine, mud moisturiser leaving your body cleansed and purified.

Rose Hydrating Cocoon
Wonderfully nourishing and deeply moisturising, rich oils of Damask rose are smoothed into your freshly exfoliated skin while your body is wrapped and cocooned in fresh cotton. A relaxing scalp massage completes this unique pampering experience.

Day Spa Retreat

Double Decadence
After the Hodson Bay Footsie Dip, indulge in Champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries while you relax in your private outdoor hot tub overlooking Lough Ree. In our couple's treatment suite you can both enjoy a deeply relaxing massage using heated water stones and warm oil. Aches and pains are relieved, releasing all tension and stress to both soothe and invigorate the body and mind. (Price is per person)

Mind, Body & Soul Reviver
Ease away your tensions with a back, neck and shoulder massage. This is followed by a ladies or gents deluxe facial using our exclusive Spa products to revitalise and restore your skins natural radiance. Each package begins with a herbal infusion drink followed by use of our unique Thermal Spa and concludes with time in our panoramic Relaxation Suite overlooking the shores of Lough Ree.Midweek rate- €130, Weekend rate - €150.

Perfect Stress Reliever
3 Hours Weekend €160 Midweek €135. Enjoy a revitalising Salt and Oil Body Exfoliation followed by a luxurious massage using the finest oils for an experience of utter calm. Each package begins with a herbal infusion drink followed by use of our unique Thermal Spa and concludes with time in our panoramic Relaxation Suite overlooking the shores of Lough Ree.

Men's Spa Indulgence
3 hours. Weekend €195. Midweek €165. A top to toe, full body and foot massage incorporating warm oil and hot stones is followed by a firm stroking and pressure massage of the head. A treatment destined to obliterate every ounce of tension and stress. Each package begins with a herbal infusion drink followed by use of our unique Thermal Spa and concludes with time in our panoramic Relaxation Suite overlooking the shores of Lough Ree.

Holistic Half Day Experience
3 hours. Weekend €190. Midweek €160. Indulging in a wonderful duo of Eastern Holistic treatments – the Oriental Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage. Each package begins with a herbal infusion drink followed by use of our unique Thermal Spa and concludes with time in our panoramic Relaxation Suite overlooking the shores of Lough Ree.


Spa Prestige Ogenage Treatment
This luxury facial treatment incorporates three masks with anti-ageing formulas to restore firmness and tone to your skin, targeting the face, eye contour area, neck decollete and hands.

Total Indulgence Facial
A total experience for the face, head, back, arms and hands. Using natural rose water, geranium and evening primrose it is suitable for all skin types and will leave you glowing from the inside out.

Rose Radiance Facial
A deeply nourishing treatment that softens and moisturises your skin using natural Damask rose water to support the circulation. Your skin is left purified, tone, delicately scented and quite simply radiant.

Balancing Deep Cleaning Facial
With added steam for additional deep cleansing. Promotes revitalised younger looking skin using a mud mask to draw out impurities while firming and toning the skin's texture leaving your face feeling clean, refreshed and well conditioned.

Marine Discovery Express Facial
This facial treatment includes cleansing and exfoliation using products specifically selected by your therapist to best suit your skin condition and tone.

Men's Skin Refining Treatment
Powerful plant extracts and essential oils leave the skin looking and feeling clean, refreshed and well conditioned. Includes application of fresh water mud mask to draw out harmful impurities while firming and toning skin texture for revitalised, younger looking skin.

Marine Deluxe Facial
Revitalise and rejuvenate with this instant beauty facial. This is a specially tailored facial which is carefully selected by your therapist to suit the needs of your skin.


Thai Foot Massage
A beneficial traditional massage technique utilising elements of Shiatsu, Chinese massage and yoga.

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candling
Traditionally used by Shaman healers this classic holistic treatment reduces ear blockage, relieving sinus congestion, headaches and tension. Includes relaxing, stroking movements to the face, neck and scapula-promotes pure relaxation and overall well-being

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Body Massage
A deeply relaxing massage combining traditional techniques with the use of heated water stones and warm oil


Lying on two warm water cushions, you remain face up throughout the entire massage treatment, which many find more comfortable and relaxed than conventional type of massage. Hydromtherm is very therapeutic and permits the therapist to work using the client's body weight as the source of pressure, facilitating a deeper, more holistic massage technique

Jet Blitz
A powerful and invigorating jet of warm water to stimulate blood flow to specific problem areas such as “orange peel” and muscle fatigue.

Light Therapy

Light Therapy
Light therapy in the form of a full cycle of natural light colours resets the hormone levels of cortisol and melatonin, the hormones our body produces in the morning to wake us up and in the evening send us to sleep. 3 options to choose from: Sunrise to Sunset. Colours of the Rainbow. Light Therapy and Reflexology


Premium Body Massage
For deeep relaxation this top to toe warm oil massage starts with a full body and foot massage with warm oil and hot stones followed by a firm stroking and pressure massage of the head and scalp.

Synchronised Massage
An intensely relaxing rhythmical massage performed by two therapists with tandem touch (4 hands to 1 body!). The ultimate in sensory indulgence.

The Real Aromatherapy Full Body Massage
Using the essential oils of your choice, this massage works through spincal pressure primarily targeting your nervous system, benefiting every organ and structure of the body.

Hodson Bay Spa Prelude Massage
A soothing and comforting full body massage including the feet and hands utilising the benefits of Swedish massage movements.

De-stress Muscle Release Massage
An all over body massage using intensive deep tissue techniques to work on stiff, fatigued musceles and joints. This highly beneficial massage uses rosemary, lavender, ginger and black pepper to warm and ease stress and strain from your body.

Aromatherapy Back Neck & Shoulder Massage
Your body and mind will be soothed by the aromatherapy oils best suited to your needs whilst eastern and western massage techniques combine to ease life's tensions. With hot stones for increased muscle relaxation.

Breath Easy
An invigorating eucalyptus and tea tree inhalation with pressure point massage to your chest and face clears and cleanses your head, nose and chest to maximise and restore effective breathing.

Golfers Tonic
Hot towels are applied to totally relax the shoulders, back and neck, which are then massaged to ease tired muscles and alleviate stress. The treatment is completed with a warm oil leg massage. The perfect end to a day on the golf course

Gents Top 2 Toe
An all over body massage desgined to work on stiff, fatigued muscles and joints. Particularly beneficial after sport or a day of physcial stress and strain. Intensive deep tissue techniques combined with rosemary, lavender, ginger and black pepper to warm and relax your body followed by a gentle massage using heated water stones and warm oil

Sports Massage Therapy
Sports massage is a form of deep massage concentrating on particular areas of tension and tightness in the muscle. It can help complement your training programme by improving flexibility, aiding the removal of lactic acid from the muscle and help to prevent stiffness. It is also beneficial before exercise by helping to warm up and stretch the muscle preventing an injury from occurring

Oriental Head Massage
An incredibly relaxed massage of the head, upper back, neck and shoulders.

Maternity Treatments

Soothing Leg & Foot Treatment
A comforting foot soak commences your relaxation followed by lower leg and foot exfoliation with gentle massage movements and an application of a cooling leg gel. This treatment is also suitable for those with leg fatigue.

The Real Nurturing Experience
A relaxing and soothing massage of the body and face help to harmonise your emotions, nurture your body and nourish your skin.


Rasul Aromatic Mud Steam
In your private Rasul Chamber you apply mineralising mud to cleanse and detoxify your skin. After an initial warm drying phase the aromatic steam starts to re-saturate the mud, you then apply a seasalt and peppermint oil exfoliant which is washed away with a gentle rain of water.


Rasul Aromatic Mud Steam with Warm Oil Application
Mineralising mud cleanses and detoxifies your skin in the initial warm, drying phase. After the aromatic steam starts to re-saturate the mud, you apply a seasalt and peppermint oil exfoliant then following an invigorating shower your therapist applies a gentle stream of warm oil.


Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works on the feet (and/or hands) encouraging the body to work naturally, to restore its own healthy balance


The boundless energy that is said to flow throughout and around all living things is channelled from the giver to the receiver during a Reiki session. The realignment of the flow of energy is believed to bring the body back into physical, spiritual abd emotional harmony and to increase vitality and energy


A massaging technique involving pressure applied along the energy meridians and pressure points of the body in order to unblock and balance the body's energy and promote harmony within the body

Spa Ritual

Rose Radiance and Vitality Ritual
A unique top to toe, full body experience begins with a full body exfoliation and the application of aromatherapy rose oil and cream. You are then wrapped in cotton on a heated bed while you enjoy the luxurious Rose Radiance Facial. A pampering and relaxing treatment to leave you looking and feeling wonderful.

Shirodara and Head Massage
An intensely relaxing treatment based on the ancient Indian art of healing and incorporating a constant pouring of oil onto the middle of the forehead, known in India as "the third eye"

Holistic Heaven
Oriental Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Light Therapy relaxation- three of the most relaxing holistic treatments, all ending with personal relaxation time. The perfect cure for stress


Watsu as a name is derived from two words: “water” and “Shiatsu” and developed by Harold Dull in 1980 from ancient healing and calming traditional practices. The Spa at Hodson Bay is the first spa in Ireland to introduce Watsu treatments and their enormous benefits. A highly specialised and very soothing type of massage that takes place on a one to one, therapist to client basis in the warm water of our specially designed, private Watsu Pool. Watsu promotes all round flexibility, relaxation, peacefulness and an intense sense of nurturing.