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K Spa at the K Club, Kildare
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The K Spa has been tailored to suit your needs with comfort and luxury to be found in every detail. It is a harmonous space where the spirit, sound and fragrance of the surrounding landscape combines with the delicate scent of aromatherapy essence and soft musical notes offering you complete relaxation.

Designed to compliment and complete your all round stay at The K Club, K Spa offers a sublime and relaxing experience which will leave you feeling rested and refreshed. The wonders of K Spa await your every whim and the staff look forward to welcoming you very soon. Products used include Aromatherapy Associates, Carita and, exclusively in Ireland The Refinery for Men.


Both Hydrotherapy and Balneotherapy offer ancient forms of healing and wellbeing and are still regarded as the ‘true essence’ of beneficial spa therapy. Working in harmony together, these two methods combine to give a highly effective form of natural therapy to relax muscular tension and help reduce strained, tired, swollen or sore joints. Wonderfully beneficial and relaxing treatments in their own right and the perfect prelude to any further spa treatment.

Body Polish

Coffee and Frankincense Body Polish
A stimulating scrub that will cleanse both body and mind, finishing with an enriching body butter to leave your skin polished to a beautiful glow.

Body Scrub

Exclusive K Spa Scrub
Exfoliate and soften your skin with this all over body polish using green olive stone and sea silk scrub, followed by a balancing body lotion for the perfect finish.

Body Scrub & Wrap

Aromatherapy Scrubs with Wraps
Polish and soften your skin with an all over body exfoliation and then indulge in layers of luxury as specific hydrating, soothing or detoxifying gels, oils and creams are smoothed over and gently massaged into your skin. With your body wrapped, enjoy a mind-freeing massage to your scalp or feet.

Body Treatment

Carita Renovateur Revitalisant Corps
A moment of pure relaxation and escapism, to restore the body and mind and give the skin vitality and natural radiance. This unique treatment combines the renovateur technique with body wrapping and the relaxation of massage with hot stones.

Enrich Body treatment
Beginning with an intense body exfoliation to stimulate and revive dull skin, including neglected hands and feet with care and attention given to dry skin and cuticles. Next, thirsty skin is replenished with an exotically fragranced serum leaving it soothed and refreshed. Then layered with a pure dry-skin oil to nourish and soften, without feeling greasy. Finally, a rich and protective body butter is applied, bursting with extremely moisturising natural oils and butters. Whilst cocooned in layers of luxury, a relaxing scalp massage completes this intensive treatment. The result is incredibly nourished skin from the inside out – a long lasting effect of silky soft, moisturised and irresistibly smooth skin.


Aromatherapy Associates Revitalising Eye Treatment
Counteracting the effect of anti-and fatigue around the eyes, not to mention the wonderful relaxation effects of this soothing treatment. The perfect antidote for absolutely everyone ; jetlag, tiredness, conference concentration, dehydrated, puffy or dry eyes.

Eyelash Tint
Eyelash Tint

Eyebrow Tint
Eyebrow Tint

Eyebrow Shape
Eyebrow Shape


Carita Renovateur Lift Fermete
Also known as the non-surgical face lift. From the very first treatment there is an immediate, visible lifting effect. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed and the skin is firmed and toned.

Carita Intense Hydration Renovater
Specialised and specific hydrating formulations combine with initial skin preparation to eliminate dead skin cells and two facial massages to ensure the deep penetration of the active ingredients. Using the IDEAL PRO LIFT machine, skin is perfectly moisturised, refreshed and comforted. Fine lines caused by dehydration are smoothed.

Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose Anti-Age Facial
Using the nourishing properties of rose and frankincense aromatherapy oils to smooth and revitalise your skin texture and encourage skin renewal. Hydrating and rejuvenating gel and mud masks intersperse with a relaxing yet firming facial massage that concentrates on the areas most affected by the ageing process.

Carita Anti-age Renovateur
Carefully refining the complexion with a sculpting massage of the face and decollete to erase all signs of fatigue. Specially designed micro-masks smooth the fine lines around the eyes and lips and brighten the skin before the highly renowned IDEAL PRO LIFT machine ensures an incredible firming result.

Also available is Carita Intensive Anti-age Renovateur Programme for those who want to combat the effects of time.

Relaxing Mini Facial
Instant facial relaxation using specialised Carita products to exfoliate, model and then massage with cool stones.

Aromatherapy Associates Specialised Perscription Facial
Discover the skin enhancing properties of essential oils with your very own, specifically tailor made facial unique to the exact needs of your skin. Beautiful oils and a facial pressure point massage boost your complexion, revive your skin texture and add a lasting freshness to your appearance.

K Spa Purest Facial
Using a science based product this highly effective facial includes a thorough deep cleanse, enzyme peel, cleansing mask and a relaxing facial massage with facial steam and extraction.

Carita Renovatuer Essential
This unique facial treatment is adapted by way of specialised products to ensure a perfect hands-on for any skin tyoe be it sensitive, dehydrated or mature. Cleanse, exfoliation, facial, mask, moisturiser and the application of an eye contour cream ensures a noticeably finish to your skin.

Aromatherapy Asssociates Renew Rose Indulgence Facial
Pure hands on therapy at its best. More than just a facial, this full aromatherapy experience commencing with an exquisite back massage using rose renew essential oil and then cleansing, toning, exfoliation, rejuvenating facial massage and finishing with an application of a wonderfully hydrating mask.


Deluxe Pedicure
Additional time and concentration given to areas of hard and rough skin and using warmed thermal boots for extra hydration and skin softening. * Includes nail paint

Aromatherapy Moroccan Rose Oil Foot Polish
Let your feet rest in total comfort while your skin is nurtured with the regenerative and hydrating properties of damask rose water and your mind tingles with the pleasure of its enriching and heartening aromas. The perfect treat for your feet on its own, and the ultimate addition to your usual pedicure to offer you the most indulgent and complete luxury foot treatment. * Does not include French polish

Renew Rose Leg and Foot Freshener
Ease away the strains of the extra baby weight you carry during your pregnancy on your feet, ankles and legs. Encouraging effective circulation in the areas needing it most, leaving legs feeling light and refreshed.

K Spa Maintenance Pedicure
Looking after the basic needs of your feet and nails and the perfect interim treatment between your monthly Deluxe Spa Pedicure. * Comprises of file, moisturising and nail paint.


Deluxe Manicure
Includes complete nail, cuticle, skin and hand care using warmed thermal mittens for extra hydration and skin softening. * Includes nail paint.

Aromatherapy Rose Petal Luxury Hand Treatment
Enjoy layers of luxury and feel softness between your fingers as your hands are bathed and massaged in intensely rich and moisturising Aromatherapy Associates oils, gels and creams of the renew–rose range of products. A wonderful treatment in its own right or the perfect add-on to any other manicure to create a true spa treatment for the hands

K Spa Maintenance Manicure
Looking after the basic needs of your hands and nails and the perfect interim treatment between your monthly Deluxe Spa Manicure. * Comprises of file, moisturising and nail paint.


Signature K Spa Massage
A full body massage fusing the very best of Eastern and Western massage techniques, tailored entirely to suit your individual needs. Working with either deep tissue techniques with a warm botanical oil to manipulate and ease the body from the very top of your head to the very tips of your hands and feet -designed to treat stiff, tight and tired muscles. Alternatively, soft and soothing to take you to a deep state of relaxation.

The Real Aromatherapy Full Body Massage
Traditional aromatherapy full body massage fusing the very best of Eastern and Western massage techniques. Wonderfully scented oil-blends work in harmony with carefully applied pressure to stimulate the nervous system while Swedish and neuromuscular massage techniques support a healthy circulation and soothe the body.

De-stress Muscle Release Massage
A deep and meaningful full body massage specifically designed to treat stiff, tight and tired muscles and joints after playing sport or a period of any physical stress and strain. Deep tissue techniques with Aromatherapy Associates oils and muscle gels warm, manipulate and ease the body while stretching and drainage techniques release and disperse tension.

Sleep Therapy Massage
A sleep inducing treatment to ease you into a deep and tranquil state of relaxation. An aromatherapy full-body massage, using a powerful blend of Vertivert, Camomile and Sandalwood essential oils, renowned for their deeply calming and grounding effects work on all aspects of stress within the body and mind. This wonderfully comforting treatment begins with a warming foot ritual followed by a top-to-toe massage using carefully applied pressures and neuromuscular and Swedish massage to balance the nervous system, ease an overactive mind and soothe muscular aches and pains.

Jet Lag Reviver Treatment
A must-have treatment for those who have travelled the distance. A rejuvenating Aromatherapy Associates treatment using physical manipulation to transport you quickly into the right time zone and get your mind and body back into business.

Executive Stress Relieving Massage
Perfect after a long day of conference or meetings, enjoy the combination of a deep and soothing back, neck and shoulder massage coupled with head and scalp massage – the perfect end to a mind boggling day.

Golfers and Walkers Massage
After a hard day on your feet what better way to relax than with this tension-relieving massage, commencing with a warm, de-stressing oil and hot stone foot massage, working up the calves and thighs of the legs with strong, relaxing massage techniques, then up to the lower and upper back and finishing with a relaxing neck and head massage.

Hot Stone Therapy
Gently warmed basalt stones combine with natural oils to offer relaxation and relief to every tiny bit of your body and tired and aching muscles, right down to the soles of your feet. One hour of pure massage!

Breath Easy
Clear and cleanse your head and nasal passages with this Aromatherapy Associates upper body treatment to maximise effective breathing and a sound immune system. The freshness of mountain air and the natural anti-bacterial powers of eucalyptus, tea-tree and pine work in harmony to ease any stuffiness or headache.

Hot Stone Back Neck and Shoulder Massage
All the wonders of the full body hot stone massage but focusing on just the overly tired and strained area of the back, neck and shoulders – perfect!

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Focusing on the specific areas of the back, neck and shoulders to release muscle tension at a deep level.

Pregnancy Massage
Lying on your side and designed for your comfort from 3 months on, relax as your body is soothed and your skin pampered with the nourishing properties of Aromatherapy Associates natural and gentle rose oil. A full body massage designed to answer all the developing needs of you and your baby and to give the nurturing treatment you both deserve. Helps to ease aches, pains and heaviness.

Hot Stone Foot Massage
15 minutes of heaven that can be added to any one of your existing face or body treatments. Highly recommended for the absolute perfect end to every spa treatment you ever have. Please note this is only available as an add-on to an existing treatment so please book at time of initial booking to ensure availability


Detoxifying Mud Rasul
Enjoy as a treat for yourself, with your partner or friends. Have fun applying mineral rich mud to detoxify, smooth and soften the skin during the Rasul cycle of drying followed by aromatic steam and rainfall. Once showered apply a rich moisturiser to your renewed, invigorated and squeaky clean skin for optimum softness


The wonders of ancient holistic therapy, treating the whole body through pressure points and energy lines on the feet to rebalance both mind and body.


Aromatherapy Associates Hair and Scalp Treatment
Spiritually uplifting, relax into a world of utter stillness as an enriching hair oil is apllied together with a mind-freeing ayurvedic massage to encourage a healthy scalp and smooth glossy hair. Pure essential oils of rosemary, geranium, ylang ylang and patchouli promote circulation and balance sebaceous activity.


K Spa Personalised Skincare Consultation
A one-to-one personalised skincare consultation designed to accurately identify all the needs of your skin and the products and treatments required to maximise its potential. Your therapist will go through a specific questionnaire and skincare analysis and assist you with all your product purchase and treatment booking needs. You will also receive 10 euro towards any treatments booked or products purchased at the time of your consultation.

Spa Ritual

Vichy Ritual Treatment
Called after the famous Spa town in France, the Vichy shower relaxes your entire being by way of a vigorous full body water massage while the Turkish Hamam introduces you to an ancient form of therapy with massage on a warmed plinth.

Enjoy an invigorating vichy shower and finish with an application of soothing oil on the heated hammam couch.

Slim and Tone
A wake up call to legs, bums and tums Commencing with an invigorating vichy shower and then through to a treatment room for an application of citrus burst gel, oil and mud. Ingredients of pink grapefruit, sweet orange and mandarin with juniper berry and rosemary ensures the elimination of toxins and improves circulation.

Exfoliate and Invigorate
Start on the warmed hammam plinth with a scrub of sea salts, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, then through to the vichy shower for an invigorating body cleansing. The perfect all over body treatment leaving you feeling squeaky clean and perfectly refreshed.


Tanning - Full Body
A face and body polish softens the skin removing any dry and rough patches and is then followed by an application of moisture rich, natural looking tan. Perfect for an all over pick me up during the dull winter months as well as in the summer pre and post holidays.

Tanning - Upper Body
A body polish to the face, arms and back removes any dry and rough patches and is then followed by an application of moisture rich, natural looking tan to the upper body only. Perfect solution to looking fabulous in your ball gown or sleeveless top!

Treatments for men

The Refinery Signature Face and Body Treatment
Covering all possible bases! Commencing with a cleansing of the back and exfoliation to restore and clarify the skin, then a stress relieving back massage, therapeutic ayurvedic scalp massage and a deep cleansing facial using an exotic blend of the finest essential oils unique to the Refinery Mens range.

The Refinery De-stress Muscle Release Massage
An intensive, physical massage with releasing and energising essential oils to stimulate, invigorate and leave you brimming with pure, untapped energy. Spinal pressure, muscular release, lymphatic drainage and foot reflex point massage are all used to rebalance the body and mind.

Hot Stone Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
All the wonders of the full body hot stone massage but concentrating on the overly tired and strained area of the back, neck and shoulders – perfect!

The Refinery Express Facial
A basic facial that includes cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. Ideal as a booster to refresh and revitalise your skin.

Mens Hand and Nail Grooming
Exfoliation, moisturising hand and lower arm massage, cuticle tidying, file and buff. Leaves your hands beautifully hydrated, soft to the touch and highly groomed.

Golfers and Walkers Massage
After a hard day on your feet what better way to relax than with this tension-relieving massage, commencing with a warm, de-stressing oil and hot stone foot massage, working up the calves and thighs of the legs with strong, relaxing massage techniques, then up to the lower and upper back and finishing with a relaxing neck and head massage.

The Refinery Detox Facial
Designed specifically to counteract everyday pollutants on men’s skin. Steaming and extractions combine with the use of clarifying plant extracts to detox the skin leaving it smooth and luminous. A rebalancing moisturiser finishes your treatment and leaves your skin feeling supple, radiant and energised.

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage
Focusing on the specific areas of the back, neck and shoulders to release muscle tension at a deep level. Ginger and Black Pepper Foot Smoother – for busy feet - 25 minutes Put your feet up for a moment and give them the attention they deserve. Reap the benefits of this skin smoothing, revitalising treatment, which leaves you more than ready to get back on your feet


Underarm Wax
Underarm Wax

Eyebrow, Lip or Chin
Eyebrow, Lip or Chin

Half Leg Wax
Half Leg Wax

Full Leg including Bikini Wax
Full Leg including Bikini

Full Leg Wax
Full Leg Wax

Bikini Line Wax
Bikini Line Wax

High Bikini Wax
High Bikini Wax