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Lough Erne Resort, Fermanagh
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This is one of the most beautiful Spas we have seen, blending traditional Thai decor with wonderfully warm soft Irish furnishings. Authentically Thai, the Resort Spa is only accessible to those guests who have booked treatments with one of the expert Thai Spa therapists and features a traditional Thai treatment room, including the "bar" which allows your therapist really massage deep into those stressed muscles.

The Thai Spa offers an exclusive spa range of treatments using Ytsara products which offer a unique approach to age-old Asian holistic practices for use in the modern spa. Inspired by Thai healing and beauty rituals, the Ytsara organic skincare line and spa programmes offer a global and unique approach to traditional Asian holistic practices. All of the Ytsara ingredients are organically grown in Thailand and the herbs, roots, flowers and fruits used in treatments result in naturally radiant skin.

Spa facilities include 10 treatment rooms (a dual treatment room, an authentic traditional Thai massage couch, Royal Thai Ritual Room, Thai Steam Room and 6 individual treatment rooms). You can also immerse yourself in the waters of the infinity pool which overlooks Castle Hume Lough and experience the range of thermal suite facilities including the Light Therapy Sauna, Crystal Aroma Steam Room, Cleansing Mud Rasul and the Exotic Rain Shower. Two relaxation rooms - Sabai Sabai Room, meaning 'Health & Happiness' (Light Relaxation Area) and Lap Sabai Room, meaning 'Deep Sleep' (Deep Relaxation Area) - are overlooking the Lough and The Faldo Championship Course.

Body Scrub

Thai Body Scrub
These exotic treatments are inspired by the ancient Thai rituals to bestow a healing and purifying effect utilizing Himalayan Salt which naturally encourages detoxification. Choose your body scrub based on your desired result: Detoxifying, Contouring, Relaxing or Energising

Body Wrap

Toxin Fighter Body Wrap (Saat)
A wrap which will bring you back to your true nature by drawing goodness from natural products such as Himalayan Salts, Silk tree paper, rice bran and Aloe Vera. A healing body exfoliation followed by a full body wrap and a scalp massage. Treatment finishes with the application of rich rice bran cream or light aloe Vera gel.

Regenerating Body Wrap (Rasayana)
A youth enhancing wrap which starts with a scared flowers body scrub to remove dead skin cells to prepare the skin. This replenishing wrap contains extracts of pineapple and tamarind to deliver a taste of the exotic whilst rebalancing skins moisture. A relaxing head massage during your treatment and the application of a nourishing cream after adds to the luxury of this decadent treatment


Luxury Face Lifting Bliss (Taolay)
This facial draws upon regenerative plants such as Neroli to activate cell renewal while skin is deeply cleansed and purified. Melt into a state of luxurious relaxation as warm sesame poultice dipped in rosewood oil is gently glided onto your face to tone facial muscle a blissful sensation of renewal and youthfulness follow. Your Luxury Face Lifting Bliss includes a full Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage.

Therapist Tropical Floral Selection
Let your experienced therapist guide you towards the facial your specific skin type requires, as they select you one of the three facials below after assessing your skin.
The Yin and Yang of Ylang Ylang (Balancing) - designed for normal to oily skin with an exotic synergy of white orchid extract and ylang ylang.
Delicate Orchid- (Quenching) - for normal to dry skin with its intriguing blend of bamboo shoots and healing green extract this facial will both decongest skin and hydrate thirsty skin.
Beautiful Bamboo-(Regenerative) -Ideal for sensitive and aging skin with a stimulating blend of bamboo and . . Neroli to alleviate fine lines and wrinkles and to assist cell renewal and oxygenation.

Head and Face Treat for Men
A ritual Thai herbal therapy that has been practiced over centuries to soothe muscle tension and stiffness. This healing session begins with the application of a warm Thai herbal poultice, which contains a variety of therapeutic Thai herbs and spices; a full body massage is then carried out using blended aromatic oils.


Foot Beauty Ritual (sukapao)
Experience this vital relaxing and harmonizing treatment which will treat sole and soul. The treatment begins with a corn exfoliation and this is followed by a detox wrap. An invigorating oil massage to finish will leave your feet feeling fresh and light


Siam Dream Hair
Imagine a hair and scalp treatment that stimulates hair growth while awakening the senses and relaxing the body. This treatment combines active Asian ingredients to cleanse and detox the hair and then after therapeutic strokes and scalp massage has relaxed your mind. A restorative coconut shampoo is used to leave hair lustrous and healthy.


Silky Radiant Hands (Wai)
Defy one of the signs of aging with this ultra nourishing hand treatment using botanical healers such as Red rice which will gently exfoliate the skin and help to diminish dark spots. A regenerative reflexology hand and arm massage will ensure this treatment is as relaxing as it is restorative.


Contouring Aroma Indulgence (Lodkwam Aun)
Enjoy a transforming massage that intensively resculpts and redefines contours. Powerful stimulants clove. kaffir lime and black pepper firm body tissue by unblocking localized accumulation of excess water and lipids. (Medium pressure)

Relaxing Aroma Indulgence (Ponklai)
Abandon your body to a state of deep relaxation. Lemongrass melts away tension while orange calms busy minds. Enjoy a moment of serenity unwind and exhale. (Light Pressure)

Thai Warm Coconut Soother
Following the Zen philosophy of returning to nature, amazing tropical wonders infuse this treatment with life, energy and balance. A rich red Jasmine rice scrub softens and invigorates the skin in preparation for the unique cocooning experience. Then drift to southern Thailand when the exhilarating scent of coconut is glided onto your skin using warm poultices filled with Asian sweet aromas.

Recovery Head Massage (Na Plai)
A soothing yet energizing back, neck, shoulders and head massage focusing on vital energy points for a total mind and spirit experience. The treatment starts with the application of a hot herbal poultice, to ease tension and restore vital tranquillity. Next, touch paradise while a rejuvenating blend of rosewood and orange is gently massaged onto your face to stimulate Marma points, promoting total recovery and balance.

Maternity Treatments

Pre Birth Essential
A ritual therapy designed exclusively for the expectant Mother. This luxurious treatment will help relieve the common effects of pregnancy such as dry skin, physical stress and fluid retention. With the use of Asian Botanical heritage, and unique massage techniques; aching sides and back are alleviated and swollen tired legs are soothed. The whole body is left feeling lighter, smoother and the stiffness that comes with the heaviness of pregnancy relieved. A regular treatment can help fatigue and circulation and the skin will be kept supple and soft therefore preventing stretch marks. You will have a feeling of renewed energy and a feel-good factor, inside and out. Good for you, good for Baby.

Post Birth Restoration
Starting with the face and finishing at the toes, your entire body is cleansed and exfoliated focusing on any dry skin and stretch marks which have come from the pregnancy. Your entire body will be cocooned whilst active products are applied to the body to help improve skin clarity and firmness. A face and scalp massage is performed to enhance relaxation and to balance the mind and body. The holistic benefits will bring you a deep sense of total wellbeing

Signature Treatment

Immune Booster (Anamai) - Ytsara
Strengthen and empower your body with this unique massage which combines acupressure and warm herbal cushions placed onto your back, neck and abdomen to tune your energy flow. This treatment helps to re-enforce your immune system, reduce stress, improve posture and enhance vitality.

Herbal Heat Energizer (Samunprai) - Ytsara
This classic Thai treatment remains unchanged since Ayutthaya period (14th-18th Century) when a hot pack was administered to soldiers returning with battle injuries and bruises. The poultice used is laden with medicinal herbs guaranteed to aid circulation to aching areas.

Golfers Recovery - Ytsara
Designed exclusively for Lough Erne for Golfers who need to unwind and repair after the final tee. Ease slowly into this treatment with some time in our spa steam room with a camphor infused compress which you can use on any aching muscles or joints. You will then be greeted by your therapist as you receive a Royal Thai massage embracing relieving stretches to the back of the body. Thai herbal heated pillows will help boost the relaxation process and an n oriental scalp and foot massage ensures your body will recover quickly from your game and you can swing into your next game with full energy.

Charn - Ytsara
A hot Herbal treatment unrivalled for indulgence and luxury and its ability to treat from head to toe. This complete Asian experience will have you feeling like you are floating on a tranquil ocean. Warmth in the form of heated herbal cushions and herbal poultices comprising of Ginger and Lemongrass will melt tension and diffuse heat throughout your body. This full body massage culminates with an exotic Thai facial of Jasmine and green tea to thoroughly nourish the skin.

Body Revival
Lose yourself in an indulgent experience designed to relax your body and rebalance your soul. Beginning with a sweet scented, mild scrub to revitalise, you then slip into a deep relaxation with a Thai ritual massage using hot herbal compresses and pressure point techniques to loosen tight muscles, improve circulation, soothe and nurture.

Neck, Back and Shoulder Relief
This ancient therapy concentrates on releasing tension on your upper back, neck and shoulder areas where physical and emotional stress often manifests. Allow the therapeutic effects of Ylang yang, Bergamot and mint to uplift and free you physically and mentally.

Oriental Scalp Massage
A traditional Thai treatment that uses oils and pressure point techniques. This head massage treatment is used to relax and revitalise the body. Excellent for insomnia, chronic headache, migraine and sinusitis.

Oriental Foot Massage
An ancient therapy that links the reflex zones on the feet to specific parts of the body. Relief from pain, illness and stress comes from putting pressure on the appropriate reflex zones of the feet.

Body Bliss
The most popular of all our massages, comparable to a sports massage in its pressure and desired muscle easing effect. This deep tissue body massage is designed to relax tired muscles and rebalance energy levels.

Spa Package

Thai Great Expectation (pre)
Pre Birth Essential • Light Spa Lunch • Therapist Tropical Floral Selection facial

Special Delivery Indulgence (post)
Floral Foot Bath • Post Birth Restoration • Siam Dream Hair Treatment • Light Spa Lunch • Luxury Face Lifting Bliss (Taolay).

Floral foot bath • Regenerating Body Wrap (Rasayana) • Light Spa Lunch

Green Buddah
Floral Foot Bath • Ultra Hair Restoration • Thai Herbal Healer • Light Spa Lunch

Youth Elixir
Floral Foot Bath • Choice of Exotic Scrub • Choice of 1hr Facial • Light Spa Lunch

Traditional Thai
Floral Foot bath • Traditional Thai Massage • Light Spa Lunch • Oriental Scalp Massage

Thai Exotic Bloom
Floral Foot Bath • Choice of Samsara Scrub • Ritual Thai Massage • Light Spa Lunch

Thai Detox
Floral Foot Bath • Toxin Fighter Body Wrap (Saat) • Beautiful Bamboo Facial • Oriental sole foot • Light Spa Lunch

Couples Divine Getaway Package
Floral Foot Bath • Choice of Samsara Scrub • Herbal Heat Energizer • Light Spa Lunch • Choice of Facial

Ultimate Thai Indulgence
Floral Foot Bath • Choice of Botanical Wrap • Siam Dream Hair Treat • Light Spa Lunch • Choice of Ritual Massage • Luxury Face Lifting Bliss (Taolay) • Oriental Foot Therapy

Spa Ritual

Royal Ritual Reflection
Enjoy a brief contemplative meditation with your therapist, followed by a sedative oriental head massage and full body massage, combining different massage techniques to create a sense of relaxation, which goes way beyond the therapeutic touch. You will be gently awakened with an exquisite blossoming tea ceremony. To further customise your Thai Spa experience; simply select one of three scents you wish to have decanted in your massage oil and in the aroma of your room.

Four Elements Half Day Royal Thai Ritual Package
This full body delight has been designed to utilize the four seasonal elements which are celebrated at The Thai Spa, consisting of Water, Fire, Air and Earth. Begin with a light and airy exfoliation treatment utilizing the wonderfully aromatic Jasmine herb. Followed by a deeply grounding Earth treatment where you can choose your herbs and mud to be either applied in a traditional body wrap or avail of our Thai Steam Room where the heat and steam will further enhance your detoxification and renewal. These two powerful elements combine to culminate your Royal Ritual treatment, with a one of its kind massage which combines gentle stretching and the use of warm herbal poultices, massaged into the tissue for optimal effect. This unique method of massage will be performed as you float on a mattress of heated water. This massage is a 90min top to toe sensation and urges you to surrender to tranquillity and experience a level of bliss which will leave you feeling sublimely pampered….like Thai Royalty. (Inclusive of a light spa lunch, served with a blossoming tea ceremony)

Seven Flowers Royal Treat (Tamrap Luang)
Indulge in an ancient Royal treatment created to beautify the princesses of the Siam Kingdom. This body treatment which combines the application of scared flowers and a regenerative massage will leave you with a radiant aura.

Path to tranquility (Kamatan)
Two therapists will work in synergy in this four hands massage. Your treatment will see you embark on a guided meditation with your therapists before you are treated to a wonderful massage with a herbal poultice of sweet basil and Kaffir lime to utterly relax the soul.

Nangfa, Angel Bliss for Parent & Child
Invite your child to discover the world of well-being under the caring touch of therapists. Gentle pressure is applied to the scalp, legs and feet and grounding oil massage is performed on the back and the arms. This treatment improves children’s quality of sleep, soothes the nervous system and strengthens the immune system. A special drink is offered at the end of the treatment as well as a gift. While your child enjoys the Nangfa; Mum will enjoy a Lawan Facial or Dad will have Lazy Man Yoga. Treatments are delivered in The Dual Treatment room with 2 therapists. Price is inclusive of Parent & ‘Nangfa’ Children’s Treatment. Your child is given PJs to wear during the treatment and these are givenas a gift at the end of the Nangfa Treatment. (6 - 14 years).

Sports Massage

Golfers Recovery
Designed exclusively for Lough Erne for Golfers who need to unwind and repair after the final tee. You will be greeted by your therapist as you receive a Royal Thai massage embracing relieving stretches to the back of the body. Thai herbal heated pillows will help boost the relaxation process and an n oriental scalp and foot massage ensures your body will recover quickly from your game and you can swing into your next game with full energy.

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage
Exotic and unique this is the ultimate sublime body workout. Using techniques passed down though generations, this treatment is a blend of deep tissue massage using pressure points and stretching techniques. Traditional Thai Massage releases tension, increases vitality and flexibility and synchronizes the mind, body and spirit.

Thai Steam Room

The Thai Steam Room
The healing properties of steam, heavy with the natural essences present in medicinal plants, has long been known in Thailand. At The Thai Spa at Lough Erne Resort, we have recreated the traditional Mud Rasul treatment room into our own unique Thai Steam Room. Please choose from the following unique experiences; ‘Thai White Clay’, to encourage detoxification and skin beautification; ‘Exotic Siam Jasmine Oil’, for deep moisture which will leave the skin smelling divine; ‘Coconut Oil and Lotus Flower’, hydrating treatment which leaves the skin renewed and locks in moisture; ‘Royal Thai Silk Selection’, comprising of our own honey, lemongrass and ginger balm, created in our devoted apothecary area (45 minutes, from 1-4 persons).