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Spa Ireland


Mount Juliet, Kilkenny
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The whole Mount Juliet experience - gorgeous country walks, fabulous gardens - is enhanced by the spa experience. Relax in the restful surroundings and after your treatment, return to the world feeling completely revitalised and rejuvenated. Spa Find is the product brand used here and the luxurious mineral treatments utilise the natural powers of mud, salt and seaweed. These treatments help ensure that the mineral levels within the body can normalise and bring inner health back into balance. The Spa at Mount Juliet is complemented by a fully equipped Health Club including a 15 metre swimming pool, sauna, steam room and gymnasium.

Auricular Candling

Auricular Ear Coning
Recommended for rebalancing the auricular pressure, it has been found to be particularly helpful in alleviating sinus and headache problems. Includes a relaxing sinus massage

Back Therapy

Purity Back Treatment
A purifying treatment that not only deep cleanses but also incorporates massage to relieve muscular tensions.

Ache Away Warming Back Treatment
A luxurious treatment to soothe and cleanse the back. It includes exfoliation, mud and hot stone massage.

Body Treatment

Mount Juliet Fusion (women only)
Mount Juliet spa’s signature treatment, a full body hot stone massage followed by mud envelopment and facial scalp treatment.

Beautiful Beginnings Pre/Post natal treatment (women only)
A top to toe pregnancy treatment that includes a three stage ritual that includes a full body exfoliation, massage and a facial scalp treatment

Heavenly Salt Brushing (women only)
A full body exfoliation to revitalise the body and mind. Using 100% natural dead sea salts.

X-fol peel
Dermedique X-fol skin rejuvenation peels, help repair sun damage, smooth rough discoloured skin, improve fine lines and wrinkles, help control acne problems and brighten the skin. Excellent as stand alone treatment or as a course.

Body Wrap

Marine Miracle Algae (women only)
Tones, firms and nourishes the skin while improving cellulite. It focuses on 1 or 2 problem areas.

Infinite Indulgence Mud (women only)
Soothes, nourishes and relaxes aching muscles.

Body Bliss Algae/Mud (women only)
A top to toe cleansing and purifying wrap, leaving the skin hydrated and firmer.

Softime Mud Envelopment (women only)
While relaxing on the Softime dry float experience enjoy all the benefits of being enveloped in nourishing black mud, Soothing, relaxing, nourishing.


Soothing and Nourishing Eye Treatment
Exquisite eyes. A natural anti aging eye treatment combating fine lines, puffiness and dark circles


Spa Find Balanced Beauty Facial
A deep cleansing facial perfect for those with combination skins, it helps to rebalance oil production and leaves the skin healthy and hydrated.

Spa Find Express Facial
Luxurious mini facial to cleanse and purify the skin.

Spa Find Natural Nourishment Mud Facial
A therapeutic spa facial to nourish, brighten and hydrate your skin. Excellent for tired and dull skin types.

Spa Find Perfect Purity Facial
This facial is to combat problematic skins, helping to reduce shine, decongest the pores and helps soothe and oxygenate acne prone skin.

Spa Find Prescriptive Facial
This facial includes a skin analysis for new clients unsure of their skin type. The therapist will then concentrate on the main concerns.

Spa Find Renewed Radiance Facial
The perfect facial to help renew and revive the skin. It naturally rehydrates a skin and is ideal for delicate/dry and dehydrated skins.

Spa Find Youthful You Anti Aging Facial
This luxurious treatment combines dead sea mud and seaweed to reduce fine lines, and produce instant firming results.


Softime dry float experience
Softime dry float provides the best support for the body. As the bed is laid upon the aqua mattress water is displaced to contour the entire body shape, with soothing heat and gentle vibration it encourages, pure relaxation, better flexibility, decreased muscle tension and a profound feeling of wellbeing. Excellent as a stand alone treatment, or to benefit other treatments. Concluded with the Hydro Swiss shower experience.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Holistic Total Body Care
This is the ideal treatment to promote health and well being. Combining heated basalt stones to traditional massage to warm, and invigorate. Relax from head to toe with this full body and scalp massage.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Clarity Treatment
This treatment incorporates Indian head massage with a warming mud wrap to the feet


Back Massage
Working on the back and neck to relax or energise the muscles of the back.

Body Massage
A deep relaxing Swedish massage that eases tired muscles, increases circulation and speeds up lymphatic drainage.

Facial Scalp Massage
This massage incorporates the neck, head, shoulders and face. A very relaxing and calming treatment.

The Mount Juliet Tension Massage
A concentrated massage which breaks down the build up of lactic acid in the shoulder, neck and back.

Foot Massage
Foot Massage

Comfort Hawaiian Massage
Using Lomi-Lomi techniques this full body and scalp massage completely allows the body to relax and unwind.This treatment does include full body exfoliation.

Tranquillity Japanese Massage
A full body and scalp massage using pressure points to help ease muscular aches and pains. This treatment includes full body exfoliation.

Eastern Poultice Massage
A warming and calming massage using salt poultice which gently help to work to ease tension. This treatment incorporates the full Body, face and scalp.


Reflexology is a completely safe and effective form of therapy to promote well being, reduce stress and tension. Working on specific reflex points on the feet, it helps to improve nerve function, blood supply throughout the body and the elimination of toxins.


A hand on art, both gentle and powerful, helping to bring the physical, emotional and mental aspects of a person into balance, it has no side effects and is totally non-invasive.