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It's hard to keep up with all the latest spa info - new openings, quirky treatments, best deals - so we'll do our best to keep you informed. We welcome your feedback and inputs - info@spa-ireland.com


Raison d'Etre - 16 Oct 2012

Raison d'Etre

Spa Management Course

Raison d’Etre has been in the spa and wellness business for more than 12 years. The team has worked with more than 100 spas in 60 different countries, created eight of the world’s most known spa brands and educated over a 150 spa managers the past 8 years. They own and operate Grand Hôtel Nordic Spa & Fitness in Stockholm Sweden, which has received numerous awards including being one of 10 Top Spas of in World.

Now, they offer all of their “real life” spa management knowledge in the Spa Management Online Course. This is a very extensive and thoroughgoing spa manager course that relates to current businees needs. Among the lecturers you will find people with leading industry experience, formal Masters degrees from top universities as well as experienced spa educators. For more


ESPA - 01 Oct 2012


Online Skin Expert

The Ritz-Carlton is one of our most popular spas and recently I was lucky enough to spend the day there with some good friends enjoying the Spa Ireland Exclusive Day. 2 hours of fabulous treatments reminded me of how good ESPA is as a product - it works and all of us left feeling the skin glow that only a great therapist and product can deliver.
Which is why I am so interested in the ESPA online skin expert. Complete the questions using the online prompts and you will get your 'diagnosis' emailed to you. Free advice - we like it!

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