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It's hard to keep up with all the latest spa info - new openings, quirky treatments, best deals - so we'll do our best to keep you informed. We welcome your feedback and inputs - info@spa-ireland.com


Eve at the Grooming Rooms - 20 Nov 2010

Eve at the Grooming Rooms

Elegant Dublin Day Spa

Launched in August, Eve at the Grooming Rooms is the sister day spa to the original Grooming Rooms for men, and is a welcome retreat for busy girls as we start to think about Christmas shopping on Grafton Street and immediately realise we need a break before we can even start into that!

The treatment menu here is simple, classical, contained. There are three Dermalogica facials ranging from the Express through to the Purifying Deep Cleanse and costing from €50.00 to €90.00. For massage, choose from the Deep Tissue, Traditional Swedish, Hot Stone or simple Indian Head Massage, prices from a very reasonable €40.00 for a 30 minute Swedish Massage. This is also the place to look after your maintenance routine, whether that be fingers and toes, eyebrows and eyelashes or general body care.

For more see Eve at The Grooming Rooms>


Spa Trends - 10 Nov 2010

Spa Trends

Economic Impact on US Spas - what's the latest?

It's fair to say that spas in Ireland, particularly those attached to hotels or resorts, have had a tough time over the past year trying to maintain standards, invest in product and facilities, whilst still earn some kind of a return on investment that any business demands. The USA is some way ahead of us in the spa and wellness sector but it's interesting to see how the spa industry there is faring, thanks to the latest State of Spa Travel survey findings published by our friends at SpaFinder.com.

The SpaFinder survey was conducted with 250-plus global travel agents in July 2010 and was designed to shed light on unfolding developments in the spa travel sector, including the health of the market, pricing, consumer adoption and demographics, and popular locations and amenities. It seems that despite the recovering economy, more than nine in ten travel agents report that global hotel, resort and destination spas are actually offering more, or holding firm on, special deals and low pricing in 2010 compared with 2009. Which means prices are staying stagnant, or even lower than last year, a trend I would say is echoed clearly here too. Additionally, the two most powerful consumer trends in the US this year are: 1) an increased interest in vacations/travel with a specific health/wellness focus; and 2) more “social spa-ing,” i.e., friends, groups and families traveling together to spas for special occasions or celebrations. Ditto, we are seeing the same from our clients at Spa Ireland.

Back to the US and for the first-half 2010, the modest economic recovery underway is reflected in the measurable (if similarly modest) gains in spa travel: 36% report spa travel has increased in the first six months of 2010; 39% claim it’s remained about the same; while 25% cite year-over-year declines. (Compare that to the 58% of agents reporting declines in first-half ’09). The majority (albeit slim, at 52%) report the economic recovery is now having a direct, positive impact on spa travel bookings - and the optimism for full-year 2010 is higher: 61% predict overall growth this year, with only 7% expecting year-over-year declines.

Also, a surprising 44% of agents report even more aggressive spa travel deals in 2010 over 2009, while 48% report the bargains are holding firm. This industry “deal” strategy matches what consumers have been conditioned to expect: Agents report that the #1 change in spa travelers’ behavior in 2010 is “seeking significant deals,” followed by “opting for shorter vacations,” and “traveling closer to home.” With so many Irish spa hotels now being run by NAMA, we too can see the evidence of cut price dealing and arguably, the value on offer to Irish consumers this year is greater than it was in 2009.

Health & Wellness Travel continues to surge with sixty-six percent of agents (up from 52% last year) reporting their clients are showing a markedly increased interest in vacations with a dedicated health/wellness focus (i.e., hitting the spa to lose weight, for fitness, yoga programmes, etc.). Additionally, 88% of agents report that health/wellness offerings are now important to their clients (up from 83% in ’09). And for spa travelers there’s no conflict between seeking “pampering” and “wellness,” with 96% of agents arguing that “traditional pampering” is important to spa travelers today (same figure as ’09). However, spa “spirituality offerings” seem to be declining in importance: Last year 70% of agents reported they were important to clients, but that number fell to 38% in 2010.

Last, but by no means least from this survey, Spa Access Remains #1 Consideration for Travelers. For the fourth straight year, access to spa facilities ranks as the number 1 consideration for travelers, followed by: 2) proximity to a beach 3) sightseeing 4) hiking and nature-based activities 5) shopping. Access to golf facilities and skiing claimed the last spots. I don't think the Irish are quite at the stage of putting 'Must have a Spa' at the top of our holiday destination wish list but we may well get there eventually.


ESPA @The Maryborough Cork - 05 Nov 2010

ESPA @The Maryborough Cork

November Special Offer

So November is upon us, flood warnings from Met Eireann already, and we reckon it’s time for a treat. In a month associated with dull days and dark nights a little spa therapy is just the thing for a nice pick me up. The ESPA Spa at the Maryborough Hotel in Douglas, Cork is offering a 55 minute facial PLUS 25 minute back massage for just €115 – a saving of €30.

And if you'd like to take some spa heaven home? For €35 you can be the proud owner of an ESPA Essential Mineral Mask which is a miracle worker for environmentally damaged skin. Results promise a velvety complexion free of dead skin cells and pollutants that the winter weather is guilty of inflicting on us. Call the Maryborough Spa on 021 436 5555 and book your spa treat now.


Indulgence Candle - 01 Nov 2010

Indulgence Candle

Tranquility, Harmony... Aromatherapy Associates.

I like Aromotherapy Associates because the product house continues to use the best and most evocative oils as raw natural ingredients.

This new Indulgence Candle, packaged in a classic soft gold box and encased in frosted glass, is especially nice for these dark wintry evenings. Made from natural plant wax and fragranced with pure essential oils of jasmine and geranium, the Indulgence Candle brings tranquillity and a delectable aroma to your home or indeed office. Known as the king of flowers, jasmine is prized for its exotic, sensual scent as well as its ability to enhance intuition and creativity with its euphoric effects. Meanwhile, sweet, earthy geranium harmonises the room and helps to bring the emotions back into alignment. With up to 30 hours of burning time, this candle will see you through this month and on towards the bright lights of December.

The Indulgence Candle (£24.00/ approx €30.00) is available now from Aromatherapy Associate Spas (check out our Advanced Spa Search) or Mail order direct from Aromatherapy Associates on 020 8569 7030 or purchase online at Aromatherapy Associates.