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Powerscourt Resort and Spa - 15 Nov 2014

Powerscourt Resort and Spa

One Year Old

Happy Birthday to Powerscourt Resort & Spa near Enniskerry in Co Wicklow. Formerly The Ritz Carlton, this is a great property with one of the best spas in the country. There has never been a better time to visit and curl up in the warmth of the luxurious ESPA surroundings, call +353 1 274 8888 for reservations.


Global Spa & Wellness Summit - 01 Nov 2014

Global Spa & Wellness Summit

Key Takeaways From Morocco

The Global Spa Summit is a great event, attended by serious and influential people who make a difference globally in the world of spa. Spa Ireland was sorry to miss this years conference not least because it took place in one of our favourite cities, Marrakech. We thought we would share key takeaways with our readers (as described on the official website) by way of the top ten major shifts in the wellness industry.

Architecture and Design Reboot
For decades, the spa industry has relied on Asian-influences to guide not only spa menus but also the look and feel of its facilities. Danish architecture maverick Bjarke Ingels told delegates: “You not only have the ability, you have the responsibility to change the spaces we live in.” His envelope-pushing designs promise to inspire a complete re-think in how to approach spa architecture and, importantly, create sustainable designs that increase, rather than decrease enjoyment. Ingels’ waste-processing-plant-cum-ski-slope is a case in point.

Authenticity in Overdrive
Authenticity, the seeking of local, indigenous experiences, has long been a rallying cry in spa and wellness treatments but mass urbanization and the rise of the Millennials have ratcheted up an insistence for “can’t get anywhere else” experiences.

Outsmarting Your Genes: Personalized Preventative Medicine
“Predictive, personalized, preventative healthcare will transform the landscape of healthcare over the next decade,” said Dr. Nasim Ashraf of DNA Health Corp. “Epigenetic testing is essentially the science of outsmarting your genes.”

Generational and Gender Shift to Youth and Women Spa and wellness marketers need to cast a wider net by focusing more on emerging generations – Millennials and generation Z (for want of a better term)–that are different than the aging, time-rich Baby Boomers most wellness marketers have focused on to date. (For example, generation Z is the first to have never lived without the influences of social media and technology.) A massive demographic shift from male to female is also occurring.

Urbanization to Supersede Suburbanization
The future will have a marked move away from suburbanization to urbanization, and in 2030, 80 percent of all people will live in urban settings.

The Loneliness Epidemic
“We used to die of old age, soon we’ll be dying of loneliness,” said Nordstrom. Urbanization, technology and demographic shifts are driving an overarching sense of “aloneness” that spa and wellness centers will help abate. Thirty years from now, 60 percent of households will be single.

Wellness Tourism Momentum Continues
Less than a year ago, the GSWS and long-term research partner SRI International launched the concept of wellness tourism to the world. Today, governments and companies are embracing this key market segment with an estimated value of US$494 billion and growth of 12.5 percent year-on-year.

Authentic African Renaissance
Indigenous and authentic experiences will lead many travelers to countries they’ve never experienced before, and Africa, a continent most of the world has little understanding of and is often associated with disease and chaos by the mainstream media, will be at the heart of this wellness tourism explosion.

Technology on Fast Forward
According to Paul Price, keynote speaker and retail and marketing expert, for good or bad, technology will not only remain at the forefront of our world but it will embed itself even deeper, altering the way we do everything–from how we shop to how companies market to us. Price told delegates: “Don’t be seduced by bright and shiny objects and don’t let the technology drive your decisions. Instead, consider moving your tech department into your marketing department so the IT team is driven by the marketers and not the other way around.”

Wellness Communities Make Comeback
Before the economic downturn there was a lot of talk of “spa real estate” but many of these projects crashed and burned right along with the economy. Now whole communities – and even whole cities – are being designed and branded with wellness at their very core. (Research released at the 2014 Summit showed that this market is now valued at US$100 billion.) Serenbe, a community outside Atlanta, GA, has been designed from the ground up with well-being informing every decision–creating a new kind of community with sustainability, green building, organic farming, culture, arts and fitness at its core.