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It's hard to keep up with all the latest spa info - new openings, quirky treatments, best deals - so we'll do our best to keep you informed. We welcome your feedback and inputs - info@spa-ireland.com


Northern Delights - 15 Feb 2013

Northern Delights

Great Spa Packages at The Culloden and The Slieve Donard

Two of the best Spa Hotels in Northern Ireland are members of the Hastings Group and now is a good time to visit either one.

The 5* Culloden Hotel is on the outskirts of Belfast whilst the Slieve Donard is set at the foot of the Mourne Mountains with magnificent ocean views. Both properties offer the same packages, prices are in sterling, to make bookings submit an enquiry form to the property you prefer or connect to the website via our profile pages. Watch out for special offers which can be booked through the site.

Spa Escape – 1 nights BB and 1 x 55 minute Spa Treatment £150.00per person or 1nights DBB and 1 x 55minute Spa Treatment is £170per person

Spa Indulgence (1 hr 50 mins) £150 - Aromatherapy Massage, Aromatherapy Facial, Light Lunch, Use of the spa facilities.

Total Relaxtion (2hrs 30min) £200 - Welcome Foot Ritual, Aromatherapy Massage, Skin Radiance Facial with Scalp Massage, Salt and Oil exfoliation, Light Lunch, Use of the Spa facilities


Spafinder 2013 Trends - 01 Feb 2013

Spafinder 2013 Trends

Mindfullness Massage to Authentic Ayurveda

To ring in the news new year we published the Top 10 trend list from Susie Ellis at Spafinder. As promised, below find more detail on those trends, full credit to Susie for the content that follows.

Healthy Hotels
In 2013 and beyond, what constitutes a true "vacation" will be redefined and "hospitality" will be rewritten. We’ll see an explosion of new "wellness everywhere" hotel chains and environments becoming more mainstream. Customized food and beverage offerings (gluten-free and vegan menus) are becoming standard fare, and hotels are jumping into the juice-themed vacation frenzy.

The Mindfulness Massage
A creative blend of two effective approaches, mindfulness and bodywork, the "Mindfulness Massage" is a more profound experience that can help people relax more deeply and quickly. Rather than lying on the massage table with a mind full of chatter from the stresses of the day, the Mindfulness Massage uses breath work and techniques such as "body scans," where attention is brought to every part of the body and the action of the therapists’ hands.

As modern-day humans become more cut off from nature, "earthing" specifically refers to the movement promoting direct contact with the earth’s electron-rich surface (walking barefoot, etc.). The premise is that "grounding" the body to the earth’s surface stabilizes natural electrical rhythms and reduces disease-causing inflammation.

Spa-Genomics...Telomeres and Beyond
Humans have 30,000 genes and a three billion-letter DNA code. The future of medicine is mining this information to identify breakthrough approaches to support a new age of predictive, personalized medicine grounded in each person’s unique genetic profile.

Authentic Ayurveda and Other Ancient Revivals
Expect more aggressively-authentic and comprehensively-executed global wellness experiences at spas with a distinctly ancient look, feel and language – and a far more expansive, exotic menu of wellness traditions. Best known is the 3,500-year-old, Indian-born Ayurveda, a complex medical system identifying imbalances in a person’s "doshas," and prescribing a personalized, detoxifying regime of diet change, exercise, meditation, massage and herbal medicine.

Color Self-Expression
In 2013 "self-expression" will be most intensely played out around COLOR. Because color is easily applied and relatively inexpensive, self-transformation will be painted on. Expect more in-your-face shades on hair and face from reverse ombre to neon lashes; more body art hitting bodies of every gender and age, performed at new, haute "tattoo spas".

Inclusive Wellness
The future bodies welcomed at spas will look more like bodies in the real world. With more than one billion people who are formally "disabled" and a massively graying global population, the industry will shift focus from luxe-pampering to delivering wellness to persons of all age and ability levels.

Label Conscious Fitness
As the fitness market expands as quickly as the world’s waistlines, an explosion of "fitness labels" distinguishes products and programs – and serves as a shortcut for instant recognition in an oversaturated market full of similar choices. From Yogalates and Piloxing to CrossFit and The Skinny Jeans Workout™, health and wellness have become the new luxury. Millions chase the "insider elite," giving the fitness world a distinct fashion world vibe where consumers shop for the latest fitness craze just as they search for the newest designer purse.

Men: From Barbers to "Brotox"
Dramatically more men – from Beverly Hills, to Berlin, to Beijing – are having more serious "work" done at medspas and plastic surgery offices, as injectables, love handle remedies and advanced new surgery technologies make for little downtime and telltale scars.

Where the Jobs Are
"High-tech" is a much-discussed job creation savior, but there has been little talk about the growing talent-needy, job-rich spa and wellness industry. With the $2 trillion-plus pan-wellness market (spanning fitness, alternative medicine, spa, etc.) continuing to grow, spas simply cannot find enough people (with the right skills) to fill spa management/director or therapist jobs. This need promises to expand in years ahead as the world continues its shift from a manufacturing to a service economy – and people, health care institutions and governments recognize the effectiveness of spa/wellness programs and experiences.

So here in Ireland will this be the year where we harness the mystical magic of places like Newgrange and the Burren and try to incorporate elements into our treatments?; will the government recognise that the spa industry has a part to play in economic growth; will we see "The Gathering" expand to include health and wellness events around the country? Time will tell.