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It's hard to keep up with all the latest spa info - new openings, quirky treatments, best deals - so we'll do our best to keep you informed. We welcome your feedback and inputs - info@spa-ireland.com


Spa & Surgery - 24 Mar 2010

Spa & Surgery

Are we turning all LA?

Once a distant and urban myth that belonged in Hollywood, cosmetic plastic surgery has become a reality in Ireland and seems to be an acceptable consideration to cure most ageing ills.

Dr 90210 has come knocking on our living room doors in the form of the Cosmetic Surgery Show that was broadcast recently on TV3. For those of you not familiar, Dr 90210, aka Robert Rey is an uber famous surgeon to the wealthy in LA. The show, co-presented with Caroline Morahan portrayed a rich market for cosmetic procedures and a vanity obsessed population.

With demand identified and growing, the range of treatments becoming available is increasingly complex - eye bag removal anyone? We are all for freedom of choice, but the area is getting muddied as across the pond, surgical procedures are slipping between the classification rules and ending up on the menus of our beloved spas.

We hope a spa will remain a place of nurturing for your inner self, and not a luxurious hideaway to undertake your own personal 'operation transformation'.


White Witches - 18 Mar 2010

White Witches

In the Dragons Den

It's a tough thing to present your ideas before the Dragons Den and be subjected to such intense scrutiny on what inevitably, is a hard sell of your own business baby.

Hats off to Ruth Ruane who has developed and produces a range of natural beauty products under the brand name White Witch. She is up against stiff competition in this arena but it is always good to see someone follow their gut and put their heart into making a business out of an idea. The reaction from the Dragons was less than positive - I think the brand name was a stumbling block for some whilst for others, the proposition just didn't smell of enough cash potential for a return on any investment.

Make up your own mind, for details check out White Witch


Silver Surfers - 10 Mar 2010

Silver Surfers

Spa for those of us not quite in the first flush of youth.

We've already given you the heads up on the top ten spa trends of 2010 and one in particular, the diversity trend does deserve a slice of solitary spa blog time.

With 2010 a special year anyway - a decade down and no Armageddon, yet, it is also a pivotal time for the emergence of a new grey market in spa.

Traditionally spas have been the preserve of the young and beautiful with cosmetically enhancing treatments taking the lion's share of the trade. In the US alone 78 million people are entering their 60s and with the increasing transcience towards wellness, rather than beauty, the market is about to turn on its heels. What's also interesting is that while spa itself has ancient roots, the advanced population are for the most part virgins to the industry. For some, the first time spa experience can be an uncomfortable one, to be approached gingerly but fear not, there is a wide variety of non contact treatments available, making the spa experience yours and yours alone.

Flotation is a magical treatment that many approach with trepidation but once you try it you'll be totally hooked. Enjoy virtual body weightlessness and remember that a 20 minute session equates to a 2 hour sleep. Not only does it aid relaxation, it relieves stress on joints and muscle and you needn't worry, you will be snug and dry throughout.

Thermal Suites are the backbone of any spa visit and are designed to accentuate the nurturing experience you will have received from your treatment. Usually a collection of rooms that take you on wet and dry, warm and cold temperature journey, this is where you can detox, relax, rejuvenate, excape – all are words synonymous with the thermal suite experience. Think steam room, sauna, laconioum, tepidarium. Our recommendation - take a midweek spa break to test the waters, the thermal Suites will be especially quiet and you can go figure out all the water stuff without looking silly.

For more advice on getting the most of of your spa visit see Spa Sense


'Suite' Dreams at the Europe Resort & Spa - 03 Mar 2010

'Suite' Dreams at the Europe Resort & Spa

2 night, complimentary upgrade - €255 pps

Great things come in small packages so this 2 night Suite Retreat at the Hotel Europe is the perfect little pick me up to send you skipping into spring.

Sensitive to the fact that 5 star luxury is not available to everyone, the Europe Resort & Spa has come up with an inspiring package, the 2 night Suite Retreat. It includes two nights bed and breakfast plus dinner on one evening for €255 per person sharing. That not enough for you? Well, no standard room for you on this stay. You will be upgraded to one of the fantastic suites with the compliments of the Europe. The offer balconies that give you stupendous views over the adjoining Lakes, King size beds and living rooms to help you relax and enjoy those gorgeous views. This affordable package is available now until the end of March and early booking is advisable.

Europe Resort & Spa Suite Retreat