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It's hard to keep up with all the latest spa info - new openings, quirky treatments, best deals - so we'll do our best to keep you informed. We welcome your feedback and inputs - info@spa-ireland.com


ESPA Eyes - 30 Apr 2010


Keep them twinkling

Therapists always have the best beauty tips but if you're like me, you're too busy snoring your way through your relaxing facial to really listen to them.

ESPA know this and so share with us via email some simple, but sound advice from Kathryn, one of the therapists at Gleneagles in Scotland. "Always apply eye cream using your ring finger to stop you from dragging the delicate skin around your eyes. Drink those eight glasses of water a day to flush the toxins out and help the process with a quick massage technique: Gently press above and below your eye, working out from the nose, after applying anti-ageing ESPA 24 Hour Eye Complex. For that extra cool twinkle I keep mine in the fridge." We have a number of Spa Ireland ESPA spas around the country including the Europe Resort in Killarney and the ever popular Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt, check out their property profiles to find the best deals.


Home Spa - 22 Apr 2010

Home Spa

What do you have in your cupboard?

A recent wet evening with nothing planned prompted me to dig into my bathroom cupboards to see what goodies I'd stored there in the hope of a little home spa indulgence.

Amongst the multitude of hotel toiletries (I always sample - a great way to try out new products, especially if you've picked these up outside Europe) I found, and used, two exceptional products, both had coincidentally been gifted to me by a good friend who knows I love any kind of bathroom 'stuff'.

First up, I tried Green Angel Natural Salt Body Smoother. I had the Sunset version, which includes Lavender, Marjoram & Juniper. I confess, I am not crazy about the packaging (the Body Smoother comes in one of those industrial type glass jars which to me, are ideal for jam and that's about it) but packaging aside, this is probably the best Body Smoother I have ever tried. It beats the mega expensive deluxe brands hands down and even managed to make some headway with my feet and heels, truthfully the toughest little beggars you could find in terms of rough skin. It was wonderfully effective and left my skin silky smooth and shiny all over. Green Angel is an Irish brand and use natural salts and oils, always nice to support home product houses, they need our business.

Next up, I tried Dr Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask, which was a neat sachet size and which had been picked up in a swanky department store in Berlin for under €2.00. Again, a little bit of effort required, you have to mix the powder with a couple of teaspoons of water and then plaster it on your face and neck for 10 minutes. I met up with a friend the next day who unprompted told me my skin looked great, younger even. Not bad for an evening spent plundering the bathroom! Dr Hauschka is available in most good health stores and remarkable value for such a well established and proven brand.

Green Angel

Dr Hauschka


Drip and Chill - 15 Apr 2010

Drip and Chill

A complete recharge for £120?

We're always on the look out to hear about new treatments, or revitalised versions of ones already out there. So we must credit the London Evening Standard and journalist Victoria Stewart for her review of the Drip and Chill, a specially formulated saline drip of powerful antioxidants and nutrients designed to calm or give a sense of recharged energy depending on the formula you choose.

Available at the EF MediSpa in Kensington Church Street, London (www.efmedispa.com), Drip and Chill is a selection of super cocktails formulated by Dr Marion Gluck and administered by a nurse after your blood pressure and medical history have been taken.

Popular with the likes of Madonna and Cindy Crawford, there's probably a good chance this treatment would be useful if you've come through a long cold winter, or a bout of illness, and need a little boost to get your blood flowing and body singing. Will we see them offered in Dublin I wonder? Cost from £120.00.


Airport Spas - 07 Apr 2010

Airport Spas

Not just a flash in the pan fad.

Recently I flew Emirates Business Class via Dubai where I had a four hour stopover but for once, I wasn't dreading the boring hours I'd have to spend in transit. The Emirates lounge itself is as large as a small hotel and neatly tucked into the central area is Timeless Spa, an oasis of calm and indulgence - I'd been dying to try it out for some time.

Having pored over the dinky menu, and finally decided on a De-Stress Back Massage ($39) and a Refresh Manicure ($22) I went to book my slot only to find the spa was full! Chock a block. Not a single appointment available. The same story on my way back via Dubai so it wasn't just a once off, this spa is seriously busy.

As I looked around and pouted a bit in the hope the lovely Thai receptionist would take pity on me, I realised that the majority of people in the spa - stealing my opportunity to get a little bit of pampering - were men. Well groomed, pleasant and nicely relaxed business men.

I also realised that Timeless Spa has got all the elements which make for a successful spa right; compact, but comprehensive menu with a good selection of stress relieving massages and beauty treatments; fair prices (you would certainly not get a Polish in many other places for $9); two excellent internationally famous beauty products (Sodashi and Babor) and a local product, Timeless Traditions. In short, all the right ingredients to make an Airport Spa work. I'll be trying it again next time I fly via Dubai in the hope Emirates will have expanded the spa itself to cater for grumpy, disappointed frequent flyers like me.


Elemis launches its first fragrance - 01 Apr 2010

Elemis launches its first fragrance

Elemis Eau de Parfum

After 20 successful years in the world of skincare and spa treatments, Elemis has launched its first ever fragrance, simply called "Elemis - Eau de Parfum".

Described by Elemis as a 'full-strength' fragrance, the 'initial euphoric burst of zesty Elemi and Sweet Grasses softens into a gentle, breezy Marine Accord that mingles with rich-yet-refreshing Vetiver, helping to clear and centre the mind'. I truly love the copy written about perfumes, describing a perfume is a licence to be poetic and let's face it, it's pretty hard describing scent without resorting to flowery language.

Ask about the new fragrance at your local Spa Ireland Elemis Spa, there are 7 listed on our site including the Falls Hotel in Ennistymon and Radisson Blu Hotels in Limerick and Galway.