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It's hard to keep up with all the latest spa info - new openings, quirky treatments, best deals - so we'll do our best to keep you informed. We welcome your feedback and inputs - info@spa-ireland.com


Hot Oil, Ice House - 25 May 2010

Hot Oil, Ice House

New treatments to tempt you.

We like the Ice House, located just outside Ballina, Co Mayo and perched above the River Moy. It's a mix of old and new architecture, is managed by young and enthusiastic staff and the spa menu actually changes from time to time which means there is always a good reason to make a return visit.

The newest additions to the menu include a Hot Oil Full Body Massage for two where a creamy massage candle is melted and poured over the full body as a precious massage oil - €175.00 for 60 minutes. The Ice House has a fab hot outdoor tub so if it were me, I'd indulge in a chilled glass of champagne in the tub after that hot oil treatment.

Or you could try the Four Hands Full Body Massage Ritual - just you, two therapists, how indulgent is that? 60 minutes costs €150.00. And what about a Hot Oil Facial - relax and melt into this Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, followed by a Yon’Ka Mini Facial, using warm aromatic melted oil. A journey for the senses - 60 minutes for €90.00.

Ice House


Six Senses - 17 May 2010

Six Senses

New Paris Spa

My best buy of the year - so far - was the wonderful "Balancing Senses", which is the Six Senses Spa Book and which I found, believe it or not, at The National Gallery Of Ireland bookshop for the princely sum of €15.00.

It's a stunning book which includes loads of spa sense, menus, breathtaking spa photos and will leave you salivating at the thought of a break in one of the featured Six Senses Spas.

Well, you don't have to go too far (even if this famous brand has yet to open its doors in Ireland); Paris has a brand new urban spa, the Six Senses Rue de Castiglione.

A vertical wall garden runs between the spas two floors and an image of the romantic Parisian skyline is projected onto the walls of the spa and visible from all six treatment rooms.

You can try out the exclusive Paris Roof Tops Honey Facial, an anti-ageing treatment which uses honey sourced from local rooftop hives. And you can also purchase our very own VOYA, plus Aromatherapy Associates products, both in keeping with the spa's organic and ethical philosophy.

Six Senses Paris


Hair today, Gone tomorrow - 10 May 2010

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

Remington Revolution?

Summer is sidling up on us, with cheeky bursts of sunshine dominating April and May proving to be a month of many seasons (a bit chilly thus far but hey, we live in hope of a heatwave).

The slow surge in temperature and humidity provokes a nagging sense of unease in women all over the country. Why? Because the hike in heat level means it's time to flash the flesh and this means some serious defuzzing.

We all know shaving can be tiresome and waxing is, well just plain painful. So Spa Ireland pricked up our ears when we heard about Remington's latest invention - i-LIGHT. It's a home spa alternative to the more costly laser treatments currently on offer in many spas and whilst laser can be the answer to a hairy girls prayers, it's not for everyone. The i-LIGHT is a hand held device that emits an intense pulse of light energy that is absorbed by the skins melanin in the hair follicle. The science bit translates that this energy surge stunts hair growth to leave hair free skin for up to 3 months. Sounds to us like a lighter version of laser and a possible option to those allergic to wax (mentally and physically).

Suitable for both men and women and available via all major retailers (try Boots), we'll be curious to see how popular it becomes.


Herbal Healing - 01 May 2010

Herbal Healing

Let's play doctor

While the bite of the recession seems to be abating, people are still a little sensitive about spending. Even more so when it comes to spending on something we need but do not particulary want. Supplements and medicinal supplies spring to mind so a recent feature on the Afternoon Show on RTE supplied some welcome information. Sarah Hughes is a medicinal herbalist and she discussed thrifty, and natural cures for common ailments.

Raid the herb rack, because they will go further than flavouring food as Sarah showed. Here's our favourites:

The leaves of Rosemary are hailed for their depression relieving properties, not to mention headaches, bloating and indigestion.

Thyme flowers are a powerful antiseptic that boosts immune system and sorts out throat troubles.

Our top remedy is the Valerian Hot Chocolate used to aid sleep and alleviate anxiety. We always knew chocolate had super powers!

For more about herbal healing The Afternoon Show