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Reports from The Global Wellness Institute

The world of wellness is an ever-evolving one and it's great to have bodies such as The Global Wellness Institute to keep us all up to date on trends. The Institute has just released two related pieces of research on workplace wellness:
1) The "Future of Workplace Wellness" - covering everything from the state of the increasingly unhealthy, aging, stressed global workforce (that would include me!), to the state of workplace wellness programs worldwide and in the US. 
2) Key findings from a GWI/Everyday Health survey of American employees ("The Power of Company 'Caring'"). The overwhelming finding: formal wellness programs aren't making much of an impact - in fact, employees have become extremely cynical about them, with 75% reporting they only exist to help the company's own bottom line. 
The pivotal factor was whether an employee identified their company as actually “caring about their health/wellness,” and when they did, their overall health, stress and job engagement measures were MUCH higher. The report then analyzed the many tangible and intangible elements that most constitute “company caring” according to workers (whether flexible work hours or healthy work spaces). And what matters differs significantly for Millennial vs. Gen X/Boomer workers. Important finding: overall, "intangibles" like emotional, social and organizational "wellness" at work matter even more than tangibles like fair pay and healthy food. 
Access both reports here: http://www.globalwellnessinstitute.org/industry-research/


ASHFORD CASTLE - 01 Jun 2016


* New Spa

This is one for the very and most special occasions we all aspire to. With its fairytale setting, the brand new Spa and Fitness Centre at Ashford Castle is a welcome addition to this already most stunning of properties. In the shape of a striking bronze conservatory, the Spa provides a sanctuary of calm and serenity inspired by the peaceful location and history of this iconic building with uninterrupted views stretching across Lough Corrib. 

A plethora of carefully designed features include three exquisite seashell chandeliers and a Tree of Life mural stretching the length of the relaxation pool. Facilities include five exceptional treatment rooms, an invigorating Hammam, relaxing steam room and a beautiful terrace area with serene views over the tranquil waters of one of Ireland’s largest lakes. The Spa and Fitness Centre offers the latest wellness innovation with PureFlow™ technology, the first of its kind in Ireland. 

For more information visit www.ashfordcastle.com.