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It's hard to keep up with all the latest spa info - new openings, quirky treatments, best deals - so we'll do our best to keep you informed. We welcome your feedback and inputs - info@spa-ireland.com


Dubai Spa Trends - 06 Aug 2009

US $87 million per year in revenue - secure?

It's always interesting to see what trends are emerging in some of the more evolved spa markets, and it will be equally interesting to see how Ireland compares as out fledgling industry matures.

An article by Jen Gerson in The National quotes from the latest Intelligent Spas report on spa performance specifically in Dubai. The report is gloomy, not much of that sunshine the Emirates are famous for. On average, spas expect to see their revenues halve and to see a drop in visits to spas of about 34%. 62 spas were surveyed with 55 replying to the questionnaire so the data should be pretty comprehensive.

That said the number of spas is still expected to increase by about 18%, another 10 new spas, and Man/Age, who launched their flagship branch in Abu Dhabi's Marina Mall in January 2008 has since launched two new spas in Dubai - testimony to the demand from the male only sector.

The federal Ministry of Health has also introduced - and is enforcing - rules which govern spa advertising. A business found to be exaggerating services or misleading services can face a fine of Dh 1,000 - about 190 euros. Small change perhaps but spas wishing to run an advert must now register with the ministry, an attempt at regulation in an area where rapid expansion has meant that hair salons have been describing themselves as spas.

Here, Failte Ireland has gone some way towards establishing a categorisation of spas, which we reflect on our website, though we are not convinced the hotel categories in particular are consumer friendly - the lines can get a little blurry between Hotel Comprehensive/ Extensive and Selective.

It's much simpler in the US where 3 main categories are emerging - Resort, Day and Medical Spas - and which reflect a natural delineation in product offerings.

And as to whether the regulation of spas belongs in the Department of Tourism or the Department of Health - that's a whole hornet's nest in itself!


Visible Brilliance - 05 Aug 2009

Elemis launch new skin radiance booster.

Skin brightening seems to be all the rage just now with many of the main product houses launching skincare items geared towards re-energising dull and stressed skin.

Elemis has spent two years researching and developing their range and from September, Visible Brilliance will be on the market. Actively targeting the skin's metabolism, it promises to "brighten, lift and re-energise dull, fatigued and stressed skin."

The key ingredients include some you might expect - magnesium, zinc, copper - but a couple that may surprise. Blonde Pea Proteins are credited with providing an instant lift whilst Dew Bean fights the effect of ageing with a mild resurfacing action and Red Seaweed is excellent for dark circles around the eyes.

Elemis products tend to be very results driven so Visible Brilliance might well be one to try out. Available at your Spa Ireland Elemis Spas - Falls Hotel, Killarney Park Hotel, Mount Wolseley, Radisson Blu Hotels in Limerick and Galway, The Slieve Russell Hotel and, for the men, The Grooming Rooms.