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Global Wellness Summit (GWS) - 15 Aug 2016

Global Wellness Summit (GWS)

Predictions for Wellness in Europe Part 1

In May, the Global Wellness Summit (GWS), an annual conference for international leaders in the wellness industry, released ten predictions on the future of wellness, travel, spa and beauty in Europe. The organization asked its partner experts in Europe - from CEOs of top travel, spa and beauty companies to leading economists and researchers - to forecast where wellness is headed in Europe. Predictions range from European nations increasingly “legislating wellness” by taxing unhealthy products - to a surge in new wellness properties (and discovery of little-known traditions) across Eastern Europe– to the vast European beauty market being rewritten by both wellness and high-tech approaches – to wellness resorts refocusing on nature, peace and authenticity. 

The Predictions, 1-5  are - (we'll share 6-10 with you in our next news update):  

1) Europe has long been the world’s wellness leader; has seen stagnation in last decade; but investment and innovation is coming When it comes to wellness, Europe has for centuries been way out in front: with the region (especially Austria, Germany and Switzerland) inventing the truly holistic wellness concept that extends far beyond spa, to include nutrition, fitness, traditional medicine, mindfulness and a powerful connection to nature (kurs, baths, and healing systems like 19th-century Sebastian Kneipp’s, marrying hydrotherapy, herbalism, movement, nutrition and mental wellness). For so long, the world has had major catching up to do, but in the last decade they (i.e., the Americas, Asia) have: there has been recent stasis in Europe in innovating new, creative wellness offerings. In the future, Europe will (and must) focus on European Wellness 2.0, and private investment in older, once-state-sponsored European spas - as well as new wellness retreat concepts – will heat up to help make that a reality.

2) Wellness will be legislated: European nations will increasingly tax unhealthy food and beverages – and “Big Food” will remake themselves as wellness companies More than half of European adults are overweight, with obesity tripling in many European countries since the 80s (WHO). The sheer cost of this epidemic means than more European nations will start taxing unhealthy food and beverages. In March, the UK joined Scandinavian countries, France and Hungary in imposing a sugar tax on canned drinks. Fighting back against the new legislation, European food and beverage manufacturers will reduce the amount of sugar in their products to preempt governments, as they also rebrand/reengineer around “healthy” or “wellness” foods.

3) Tourism will be Europe’s fastest growing sector – and wellness travel will grow even faster Tourism will continue to have a very strong economic impact in Europe, and wellness tourism will grow even faster. Europe’s tourism market will grow 2.8% a year over the next decade, outpacing annual economic growth of 1.9% - making it Europe’s fastest growing market, equaled only by the financial sector. And With vastly increased stress, an aging population, and people’s new quest for total wellbeing, over the next decades European wellness tourism will grow significantly faster than tourism overall. For instance, Global Wellness Institute research estimates a 7.3% annual growth rate between 2012-2017.

4) “Get Thee to a Wellness Monastery”: European wellness resorts will refocus on deep authenticity, peace, quiet and nature The European (and global) consumer is facing unprecedented stress and 24/7 digital connection and “noise.” Radically pressured lives mean we don’t feel well anymore, and it’s creating new desires: for complete time out, uncompromising peace and quiet, and to be close to the forces of nature. And European wellness/spa resorts will increasingly shift their focus from glitzy, amenity-driven, “exotic” luxury to meet these powerful needs. Everything – from resort design/environments, guest rooms, spa treatments and fitness experiences – will shift to intense authenticity and nature…the new stage for self-transformation and “re-finding oneself.” Equal parts spectacular and simple wellness retreats will appear on top of mountains, deep in the woods and snow, on the water, in the form of everything from treehouses to houseboats. Spas, treatments and saunas will emerge from the basement to burst out into the trees as new “nature cocoons.” The new luxury: sleeping in a glass igloo, wrapped in reindeer skins, with the Northern Lights sparkling above. Wellness retreats being developed in former monasteries (i.e. Schloss Mondsee, Austria; Eremito, Italy) are as much a tangible trend as a perfect metaphor for the future directions in Europe’s wellness destinations: calm, simplicity, wild nature, spirituality and profound self-seeking will be front-and-center…and they will give Europeans (and the world) what they most desperately seek.

5) Spa 2.0: Rise of the European mini-kur   Bathing, and going on serious (10-day-plus) kurs, has always been a way of life in Europe. But now this time-honored, time-intensive tradition is emerging as a much shorter affair. “Mini-kurs” that pack in a 2-3 hour bathing ritual, spa treatments, nutritious food, movement, relaxation, and meditation/mindfulness (in one day or two) will trend. “Taking the waters” and hitting spa resorts will happen in shorter injections because busier Europeans are short on time, and there’s also growing unease about air travel, so people are staying closer to home.

We'll tell you about predictions 6-10 in our next Blog update. 


Elemis - 01 Aug 2016


Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss

We like Elemis as a brand; it's been results-focused before anyone was really considering the results associated with skincare.

The latest addition to their goodie-bag of products is Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules. We all know the importance of protecting skin against pollution such as smoke, fumes and dust which can cause aggravations, sensitivity and dull looking skin that in time could be a reason behind some skins looking older, quicker.

To prevent these chemical particles sinking into skin, a protectant barrier as well as skincare that counteract these damaging effects should play a key role within your daily routine. Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules contain the highest concentration of Anti-Oxidant power to help repair the visible signs of ageing and counteract the damaging effects of everyday pollution. This potent complex acts as a cell de-stressor, breaking down the accumulation of harmful toxins that clog up the skin matrix which in turn impair its function and ability to absorb vital nutrients.

Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules are completely natural but incredibly powerful: they literally bring life to your skin.The secret ingredient is Moringa Oil which has 1700% more antioxidant power than any other oil. The results are visible: clearer, more vibrant skin, relaxed and primed for maximum absorption.

Available at Elemis.com, £65 for 60 capsules (and with the weaker £pound, this is probably a good time to buy them online).