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It's hard to keep up with all the latest spa info - new openings, quirky treatments, best deals - so we'll do our best to keep you informed. We welcome your feedback and inputs - info@spa-ireland.com


Best Foot Forward - 30 Dec 2009

Best Foot Forward

Mink Hand & Foot Spa

We love a speciality spa, it tends to mean the therapists are really, really good at what they do. And so we are delighted to welcome our newest edition to the Spa Ireland family – Mink Hand and Foot Spa with 2 Dublin locations, Donnybrook and Ballsbridge.

Offering a feast of treatments totally dedicated to your most over-worked assets, the folk at Mink are expert at administering mmm-inducing hand and foot treatments. Expect your favourites such as luxury manicures and pedicures plus a few surprises such as male dedicated treatments, manicures for little princesses and one we really like – the Raw Earth Pedicure.



Celebrating Celebration! - 25 Dec 2009

Celebrating Celebration!

One more trend to watch....

It’s hard to stop at 10 when there are so many other interesting spa trends emerging so we have room for just one more, described by Spafinder as their bonus trend – Celebrating Celebration.

In a recent survey, travel agents reported the Number 1 emerging spa travel trend was people increasingly hitting resort and hotel spas for special occasions like the big ’0s’, anniversaries, weddings, retirement parties, etc. And after the severe downturn in hotels’ corporate/meetings business, the industry is aggressively incentivizing group celebration travel to revitalize lost business.

On the rise: people taking over entire spa properties for weddings, birthdays, all kinds of personal celebrations. More families (often multigenerational) are getting away together to celebrate and create memories—and focus on a little “relationship wellness.” It's the ideal time to negotiate for groups so start planning.


Mantr-astic - 21 Dec 2009


"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".

Another day, another celebrity faux pas. In some cases it’s probably wiser not to shout your mantra from the rooftop (quote above came from Kate Moss no less) but at Spa Ireland we like to keep it simple with the old adage “Less is more”.

Obviously this comes with some exceptions, so while we are averse to prancing around in December scantily clad, we do feel that the natural beauty of our skin should be celebrated and are suggesting investment in skincare so we can be more “Irish Rose”, less Amy Winehouse.... if you catch our drift.

With Christmas sneaking up fast, there is still time to add some beauty booty to that wish list. We particularly like the natural stuff, so product houses like Aveda and Voya stocking delicious pure products with affordable price tags should definitely be name-dropped.

As for the body, we're not 100% convinced by Gok Wan and his looking good naked nonsense (well intentioned but come on, sometimes it's nice to bare our bodies selectively). However, we are convinced of the value of great body scrubs and wraps. So now is a good time to head to your favourite spa and ask their advice on freshening up your skincare regime and investing in some new make-up brands. Ask Santa for a Spa Ireland gift voucher which can be exchanged for treatments or product in any of our Spa Ireland spas. Spa Ireland Gift Voucher.


Top 10 Global Spa Trends for 2010 - 19 Dec 2009

Top 10 Global Spa Trends for 2010

Spafinder predictions - Part 2

We’ve given you the top 5 trends already but figured you’d need time to digest them before giving you the lowdown on the remaining Top 10 trends. From heart rate downloads, to find a spa Apps to wine-tasting post treatment, there’s been a lot to absorb but wait, there’s even more…

6 - The Price Is (Still) Right
2009’s headline spa story was the industry’s aggressive response to the global recession and the near-universal focus on deals, deals, and more deals. While there’s (cautious) consensus that the economy is in recovery mode, there’s still good news for consumers in 2010: The spa bargains will continue apace, not only straight discounting, but also more innovative incentives smartly designed by spas to drive incremental revenue and retain loyal customers. Three treatments for the price of two, you pay and your friend comes free, mini treatments that do just enough to keep you happy at half the price… it’s all on the table.

7 - Wellness Tourism Wows
We’re familiar with people seeking spas for wellness—and also with “medical tourism,” crossing borders for medical procedures (often plastic surgery, dentistry, knee replacements, etc.). Well, make room for “wellness tourism,” a term now being used to describe traveling across borders for preventive services, diagnostics, spa and well-being vacations, even the wow’s of DNA testing, stem-cell banking, and the like. The concept not only dramatically broadens the appeal of the medical tourism model (which has suffered from its narrow association with plastic surgery), it’s increasingly poised to become the way we define our time away from home and work in the future. We’ve written about this before and know it sounds unbelievable futuristic at times but…it’s happening.

8 - Scary and Silly Spa Stories Drive Evidence, Science, and Standards
The fallout from heavily publicized spa horror stories—and the recession-driven consumer insistence on no-gimmick treatments with real, measurable benefits—will quicken a rising industry trend: the demand for evidence-based therapies, stricter industry standards, and greater transparency/resources to help spa-goers separate the spa wheat from the chaff. In this country, our worst spa stories tend to revolve around wax and mis-use of some of the newer laser technologies and yes, we have said in the past you need to be very sure that she (or he) who wields the tool knows exactly what they’re doing. It’s good to ask how qualified your therapist is, and good to expect results.

9 - Diversity at a Tipping Point
For some time analysts have discussed how the spa industry has been attracting new demographics (men, teens, seniors, new ethnic groups). But in 2010 diversity has reached a tipping point in the U.S. that will likely be followed by the rest of the world. Spa-going has become so mainstream that the face of the spa-goer will now continue to reflect the wider global population. Every spa region has its unique “diversity story”, and around the globe both women and men, younger and older generations, and all ethnic groups are hitting the spa. And spas are taking note, with offerings that cater to these diverse groups’ needs and wants. In the U.S. alone, where approximately 78 million baby boomers are poised to enter their 60s, watch out for “silver spa-ing” to really take off. The explosive rise of men at spas is nearly pan-global. From resort spas taking that man-friendly “lodge” approach (where the aura is backcountry and adventure), to the explosion of men hitting spas for weight loss or cosmetic treatments like Botox, to men-only day franchises like Nickel Spa (Paris to San Francisco) offering that “haute barber shop” vibe and a menu including sports massages, “hangover” skin cures, and clubby happy hours. Our own Grooming Rooms in Dublin fits right in here.

10 - Stillness
We live crazy lives filled with sensory overload, noise, and media stimulation. We’re wired to the gills, spending nearly all waking hours in front of TV and computer screens—emails, texting, Tweeting —now even on airplanes. With the spa as one of the last remaining sanctuaries of silence and serenity, look for the industry to put a new emphasis on stillness, on slowness, on silence. Some therapists are reporting that their clients are asking for no music at all—just quiet. At Red Mountain Resort & Spa in Utah, you can opt to take the “silent hike,” and at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico, you are encouraged to try a “silent dinner.” The environmentally conscious Six Senses Spas around the world have recently introduced a “Slow Life” approach. There is an upswing in meditation offerings and programmes, especially in urban settings.

Silence – who would have thought it? The simplest – and probably most impactful spa trend – and it’s free.


Top 10 Global Spa Trends for 2010 - 18 Dec 2009

Top 10 Global Spa Trends for 2010

Spafinder predictions - Part 1

It’s that time of year when the clever people at Spafinder look into their crystal ball to see what the trends are likely to be in the year ahead. Usually the trends are a blend of bang-on forecasting and intuition with the odd totally-off-the wall idea thrown in (just to check you’re paying attention).

So what can we expect as we move into a new decade?

1 - The New “P” Word
Goodbye, pampering. Hello, prevention. Given the global spotlight on healthcare (especially the expense involved), and the fact that stress is estimated to contribute to about 80% of all disease, it’s only a matter of time before the role spas play in promoting stress-management and relaxation gets recognition. Spas ‘do’ prevention all the time – think nutrition programmes, fitness building and good old-fashioned full body massages. With beauty the focus is on early care – think sunscreen and diet – to prevent problems and avoid costly and invasive actions after the fact.

2 - Year of the Hammam
We’re a bit ahead of the trend here as many of our spas invested in Hammams early on (Dunboyne Castle, Brooklodge and Seafield) and now spa-goers are looking for authentic traditional spa experiences that give results. For me, nothing can quite compare to my first hammam experience in Istanbul 25 years ago where my body was so slapped into shape and my skin so scrubbed I thought I’d been reborn. The trend is hitting North America: Trump Soho in Manhattan (slated for early 2010) will boast separate luxury hammams for men and women. You can also expect more floating versions on cruise ships soon.

3 - Not “Going to” But “Belonging to” a Spa
No longer a place where you “go” for the occasional treatment, spas are being creatively rebranded as places of “belonging”— literally, through the rise in membership programmes, but also in the diverse ways spas are being recast as social or communal hubs. We think this trend is one that should be snapped at by Irish spas who desperately need to retain customer loyalty but it will require imaginative management and that’s in short supply right now as therapists are already stretched to cover reception and general admin. Spa clients spend, on average, 18 per cent more after they become members. As for the social side, the industry is getting increasingly innovative. Consider the wine lounge at the new Caudalie Spa at New York’s Plaza Hotel, where bathrobe-clad spa-goers enjoy wine tasting while chatting with the sommelier (and each other) post-treatment. Liking it!

4) The Online Spa
We’d like to think that spa-ireland.com is ahead of this curve, as 2010 will prove a watershed year for the spa industry’s virtual presence. Consumers are already finding spas online, booking treatments, joining online weight loss and coaching groups. They are printing out instant gift vouchers, shopping virtual spa stores, being influenced by online reviews, and embracing social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Get ready for having health information (like your blood pressure and heart rate) automatically uploaded for access online by your spa or doctor, and for spas to use yield management software that enables price variation, so spas can offer a less expensive massage on weekday mornings, compared to Saturday afternoons. This should have happened years ago, especially as many Irish spas are aligned to hotels that already manage accommodation yield rigorously but spas seem to have slipped through the net – it’s time to get that sorted. We can’t wait to see the planned SpaFinder App which will allow you pinpoint the spa nearest to you on your iPhone, we hope it will eventually encompass Europe.

5) The Hybrid Spa
The modern spa is increasingly a mixed offering, with spas incorporating far more fitness, fitness clubs incorporating more spa, hospitals incorporating spa elements, and spas bringing in more medical doctors and specialists. The era of the spa/fitness/integrated-health-center/hospital/spiritual-retreat/wellness-center/beauty-clinic is on a serious upswing. It’s one integrated human body, after all, and the “pure” spa is on the decline, while the hybrid spa is busy inventing new you-name-it, plugged-in models. Examples include: Nuffield Health (200 facilities in the UK), combining the hospital/clinic/diagnostic center with the health club and full spa services, interweaving yoga, physiotherapy, etc. and the Malo Clinic Spa at the Venetian Macau-Resort Hotel in China, an integrative wellness center offering both comprehensive medical treatments and executive health checkups (six operating theatres, a staff of 50 doctors, etc.) with a full spa featuring 100 spa therapists.

Check back in with us soon where we'll walk you through the remaining 5 predictions for 2010.


Botax - 09 Dec 2009


Nip, tuck, tax.

It's been widely covered that the powers that be in the US White House and Senate Democrats are proposing a 5% tax levy on all elective cosmetic procedures - including a tax on botox (and is it just me or is the TV licence ad featuring the lady with the frozen face not brilliant?)

Anyway.... as per MSNBC.com, vanity is an easy target when you have to draw up a $1 trillion plan to expand health care to millions of Americans who lack insurance. Skin-smoothing Botox injections could be hard-hit. There were some 4.7 million in 2008 and an average cost per visit of about $400, some including several injections. You do the maths - it's a lot of extra cash (a projected $6 billion) coming into the coffers of the US treasury and procedures such as face lifts, liposuction, cosmetic implants and teeth-whitening will all fall into the net.

Needless to say those who perform such procedures are not happy and point to the fact that a significant percentage of cosmetic surgery patients are female and with incomes lower than you might expect (between $30,000 and $90,000. The bit I find hard to swallow is the implication (attributed to Dr Phil Haeck, the president-elect of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons) that this tax will hurt jobless women looking for ways to make themselves more marketable to potential employers.

Sure there is competition in the workforce to secure jobs but trying to look 10 years younger before doing the rounds of interviews will surely, in my opinion, exacerbate the stress. And being unemployed, with it's associated sense of diminished self-esteem may not be the wisest time to opt for a face-lift.

It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds as the US pulls out of recession and the lobbyists get to work on the issue.


What's your "must-have" treatment? - 07 Dec 2009

What's your

Spa Sentiment Research Report 2009

We are sincere fans of Susie Ellis, founder of spafinder.com and an honest, and articulate commentator and visionary on all things spa. Recently she shared the Spa Sentiment report with us which surveyed 1300 spa-goers in September 2009. Some interesting insights emerged.

74% of spa-goers chose their spa based on word of mouth – so there’s still a huge element of trust in recommendations and oh so important for a spa to deliver on customer experience. The most booked spa treatment was massage, followed by pedicure which was just a nose ahead of facials (that’s not quite our experience at spa-ireland.com where massage is more closely followed by facials).

Interestingly, when people were asked what treatments they’d happily give up if they had to cut their spa budget, 27% opted for manicures and 26% said they’d give up body scrubs and wraps – I guess we feel we can handle those ourselves, though I do think a really well administered wrap (like the Green Coffee Wrap at Monart) can be very powerful.

84% of respondents found it helpful when therapists spoke about the benefits of the products used. I’m afraid I fall into the 16% who resolutely hate therapist-talk; quite happy to get the low-down before and after the treatment but during it, silence is bliss.
See Spa Sentiment Report


Lasting Beauty - 04 Dec 2009

Lasting Beauty

Queen Launches the Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment

Queen Beauty Emporium has announced the launch of yet another groundbreaking beauty treatment – Keratin Smoothing Treatment. Using an exclusive product range pioneered by veteran hairstylist Peter Coppola, this system was recently voted the best of its kind by Vogue magazine.

The Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola delivers stunning results instantly – making hair 60% quicker to blow-dry, resistant to humidity and most importantly, looking bouncy, shiny and healthier than ever. What’s different about the treatment offered at Queen is that the product contains no formaldehyde. Yes, that’s the highly toxic substance usually used as embalming fluid and you may not be aware formaldehyde is also used in many hair products. The Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy, however, is formaldehyde-free, and therefore releases no toxic gasses during the treatment.

The 12-Week Blowdry lives up to its name, lasting about three months and providing the perfect solution for time and cash-strapped fashionistas who refuse to compromise on looking great. It costs from €250 and is available exclusively at Queen Beauty Emporium.


Ritz-Carlton Manicure Suite - 02 Dec 2009

Ritz-Carlton Manicure Suite

'Wrapped in Ruby', 'Aruba Blue' - there's no excuse for pink nails!

One of our most popular partner spas is ESPA at The Ritz Carlton, Powerscourt and we’re thrilled to see they have opened a luxurious new Manicure Suite. Even if this is glove season, having beautifully manicured nails is a sure way to beating the winter blues.

The Manicure Suite has four manicure stations and top quality nail polish brand Essie is used. We want to meet the person who gets to name and describe the Essie colours – Wrapped in Ruby, Aruba Blue..or what about Jumpin Junkanoo (a deep, colourful raspberry with a hint of shimmer). Essie is long lasting and chip resistant.

Manicures start from €45.00 and include a hand and arm massage.


Aromatherapy Associates - 01 Dec 2009

Aromatherapy Associates

Limited Edition Oils

Frankincense, Myrrh, Clementine & Ginger…even writing the words conjures up the delicious, mystical smells of Christmas. The cooks in the Aromatherapy Associates kitchen have produced a new limited edition gift pack of precious oils. Totally pure, nothing added. Perfect for popping a few drops in the bath or using in the shower, these are a great stocking filler to help loved ones feel invigorated for the party season and to restore that elusive sense of harmony at this busy time of year. Available in all Spa Ireland Aromatherapy Associates Spas around the country (check out our advanced search on the site, Products Plus, Aromatherapy Associates) - Spa Ireland Aromotherapy Associates Spas.

Limited Edition Precious Oils – Frankincense, Myrrh, Clementine & Ginger
(2 x 7.5ml Bath & Shower Oils, Frankincense & Myrrh and Clementine & Ginger, €16.00)
• Frankincense & Myrrh – grounding & spiritually uplifting, encourages inner peace and a clear mind.
• Clementine & Ginger – uplifting & energising, leaving you with a warm glow.


Yantra Mat - 30 Nov 2009

Yantra Mat

Why we love Swedish design.

Could Sweden make us any happier? Having already given us the wonderful Stieg Larsson Millenium Trilogy, we now have the Yantra Mat.

Working on the principles of acupressure (where something, or someone presses on key points throughout the body) the mat does look a little scary with its 210 spiked flowers which are carefully positioned to hit the key acupressure points in the body. But give it a chance. In a survey of users in Sweden, 96% said they felt the benefits, ranging from improved sleep to stress and pain relief and 90% said they would recommend it to a friend.

The mat comes in two colours; purple (spirituality, intuition) and olive green (harmony and healing) and retails for €49.90. It’s available in from leading health stores, pharmacies and sports stores nationwide including Elverys Sports, McCabe’s Pharmacies, Sam McCauley Chemists, Unicare Pharmacies, The Health Store, and Hickey’s Pharmacies or direct from Lifes2good on 1890 351010 or visit www.yantra.ie.


Salon Sundae - 05 Nov 2009

Support Action Breast Cancer at No 1 Pery Square

We like it when our spas support good causes and breast cancer is one which has touched us all in one way or another.

Right now, the spa at No 1 Pery Square is promoting three packages which are available every Sunday. For every Salon Sundae package that is booked, 20% of the cost goes directly to Action Breast Cancer - an Irish Cancer Society programme. Each package comes with either a dessert or a glass of pink bubbly so that people can make a day of it and Support Action Breast Cancer.

Salon Sundae
Make a day of your regular grooming routine with this package which includes three items of waxing, an On The Move Mini Mani and Mini Pedi and a dessert or glass of wine to enjoy in the Snooze Room after your treatments €114 with 20% Donated Directly to Action Breast Cancer

Day Spa Sundae
A relaxing day at The Spa to leave you looking and feeling refreshed and fabulous with a Sodashi Mini Facial, On the Move Mini Mani and Mini Pedi and finish with a delicious dessert or glass of wine in the Snooze Room €79 with 20% Donated Directly to Action Breast Cancer

Choose your own Sundae
Choose two treatments from a selection of hour long (or longer) Treaments and have a dessert or a glass of wine in the Snooze Room after treatments and 20% of the price is Donated Directly to Action Breast Cancer.

To book call 061 402414. No 1 Pery Square


Here Come the Girls - 23 Oct 2009

Get that Friday Feeling at the Hotel Westport

For just €89.00 this is a great offer! Ideal for groups/pairs of girls celebrating a birthday, a hen party, groups of sisters & sister-in-laws, friends, work colleagues or even as a Christmas Present.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Revitalising Facial
Make up (Jane Ireland Mineral Make up)
False Eyelashes
File & Polish
Glass of Bubbly
Free use of pool, sauna, jacuzzi and steam room
Minimum number - 2 people.

For those who don't not live locally, it's low season at the moment and you can expect to get favorable accommodation rates.

To book, call Ocean Spirit Spa on 098 50008 and tell them Spa Ireland sent you!


Spafinder Visionary Award - 16 Oct 2009

Andrew Weil M.D. - bridging the worlds of medicine and spa

In Ireland we have a long way to go in terms of recognising that "spa" does not just mean a nice pampering session around the pool. For many spa-goers, the healing effects of spa treatments (I'm thinking deep tissue massages, holistic therapies, prescriptive facials here) can go a long way towards complementing any traditional healing methods.

SpaFinder (the largest global spa and wellness player) recently presented its Seventh Annual Visionary Award to Dr. Andrew Weil who is an Integrative Medicine Pioneer and Noted Author. Why? For his efforts to bridge the worlds of Medicine and Spa.

Today, plans were revealed here for the new Children's Hospital, scheduled to open in 2014 and complete with rooftop gardens, individual rooms for children, places for parents to stay, I couldn't help but think that the architectural previews had definitely 'borrowed' from some of the best spa designs. Which is a good thing! But back to Dr. Weil, the founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, who is leading the way in a rapidly growing discipline that combines mainstream treatment modalities with evidence-based complementary and alternative therapies.

“Dr. Weil has worked tirelessly to bridge the worlds of medicine and spa,” said SpaFinder President Susie Ellis. “He was years ahead when he predicted that the hospital of the future would look more like a spa. We are proud to present this prestigious award to a true visionary who is helping so many lead healthier, happier lives.”

First published in 1972, Dr. Weil has authored 11 books on integrative medicine and other topics; his newest is Why Our Health Matters: A Vision of Medicine That Can Transform Our Future, released in September 2009. Through his work, he advocates a combination of traditional and complementary treatments, believing that mainstream medicine is often best suited for crisis intervention and low cost, low-tech therapies should be considered for prevention.

Dr Weil joins some fairly heavyweight players in the rollcall for previous Visionary Award Winners including Howard Murad, M.D, the anti-aging skincare pioneer; Dr. Stephen and Lyn Krant, co-founders of the SK Sanctuary and Deepak Chopra, M.D. author and founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being.

It will be interesting to see how well some of these new bridging thoughts span the Atlantic and permeate the evolution of our own spa and medical facilities.


Winter Booster - 16 Oct 2009

Yauvana Auyrvedic Spa helps you prepare for the chilly season.

Boost your Immune System this autumn and protect against winter chills and related infections.

Yauvana Ayurvedic Spa at the 5* Kingsley Hotel, Cork invites you to enjoy a great value-for-money healthy experience. Book a Podikizhi Massage to help the body fight infection and to boost cellular metabolism. Good for respiratory problems and muscular aches also, this is a traditional therapeutic massage using warm herbal bags and medicated oil.

Follow the massage with Unlimited Time in the Thermal Suite with nine different types of steam treatment to choose from.

Take away a genuine Ayurvedic Moisturiser created from health-promoting herbs grown in the tropical climate of south India, the home of Ayurveda and carefully selected by Yauvana's staff to suit your physical constitution.

Cost: €100 (brochure price €133), offer open until December 20th 2009.


Glowing Goddess Weekend - 16 Oct 2009

20 & 21 November at Seafield Hotel & Oceo Spa

We like anything that promises to limit the pain of post Christmas detox and it sounds as if the folk at Seafield will do their best to help keep us in check. Their Glowing Goddess Spa Pamper Weekend takes place over the dark winter weekend of 20/21 November and promises to be well worth the €249.00 per person sharing. So what's on the agenda?

Friday 20th November
Unpack and settle into the ultra stylish and luxurious bedrooms which boast your very own balcony with panoramas of the sea to the lush rolling landscape of the golf course.
Once you have settled in, relax, unwind and pamper yourself using the thermal suites, including saunarium, aromatherapy steam room, monsoon shower, ice grotto, heated relaxation beds, outdoor vitality pool and the piece de resistance, a 16 metre hydrotherapy pool.
Once you have worked up an appetite dine at your leisure in the bar or formal dining room.

Saturday 21st November
Enjoy breakfast before taking in some breathtaking scenery on Seafield's very own private Beach walk.
To begin with, guests will unwind in the Thermal Suites. Following your time here you will enjoy a delicious and, of course, healthy lunch in the Spa cafe.
Guests will then relax after lunch in the Rasual chamber and be provided with a range of mud which concentrates on specific areas of the face and body. The chamber is gently heated with steam, as the mud dries it draws toxins from the skin. The steam also aids the detoxification process and relaxes the body. The ritual ends with cleansing tropical rain shower which re-invigorates the body. This is the ideal experience to share as a Turkish inspired Rasual Chamber accommodates up to four guests.
Enjoy a motivational seminar after lunch by Motivation Ireland and maybe pick up a few tips and hints on avoiding the excesses that the festive season brings with it. The day will finish with a Power Pilates class which will leave you feeling wonderfully energised.
After your relaxing day in the Oceo Spa meet up for Flirtini cocktails in the lobby at 7pm before dining fabulously, with food prepared by skilled chefs using delicious local ingredients.

Sunday 22nd November
Sunday starts with breakfast in the dining area and is followed by some final relaxation time in thermal suites before check out. Glowing Goddess Weekend


Galgorm Resort & Spa - 29 Sep 2009

Eve Lom & Lava Shells

Many moons ago an amazing therapist converted me to the magic that is an Eve Lom facial. I've used Eve Lom products ever since and even thought I've transgressed to other brands from time to time, ultimately I always go back to Eve.

The Eve Lom Signature Facial combines the Ultimate Cleanse Facial with enhanced lymphatic drainage and massage on the neck, décolleté and back to achieve greater detoxification as well as relaxation. This is a deep massage and facial, it really does leave your skin tingling and glowing.

Now available at Galgorm Resort & Spa near Ballymena, Co Antrim, you can enjoy an 85min Signature Facial and take home an Eve Lom goody bag worth over £40 plus receive 1 hour free access to The Thermal Spa for £115 (approx €126.00 euro).

Alternatively, try out the new Hot Lava Shell Massage (we wrote about this earlier this year - click here)

The Autumn Luxury Package includes one hour relaxing, reviving and detoxing in Galgorm's Thermal Spa, hydrotherapy pool, outdoor hot-tub, thermal cabins and heated relaxation loungers. This is followed by a Hot Lava Shell Full Body Massage - one of the first of its kind in Ireland. Enjoy an intense, comforting massage with hot lava shells. The sustained heat allows deep muscle work, releases tension and leaves you feeling stress free for £80.00 per person (approx €88.00 euro).

Offer available during October only (Autumn Luxury Package not available on Saturdays)
For more information or to make your booking, contact Galgorm's Spa Reservations Team on 048 2588 2550 (from the ROI) or email spa-reception@galgorm.


Essence Spa at the Clarion Sligo - 18 Sep 2009

iS Clinical Harmony Cancer Care facial now available

We have literally hundreds of facials listed and described on our website but this is the first time we have seen a facial specifically designed for cancer sufferers.

Described as " a soothing & revitalizing facial which helps create vibrant healthy skin, it incorporates powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins & penetrating hydrators to restore skin. It addresses important issues such as acne, chafing, uneven complexion, burns and scar tissue and iS cancer care provides skincare solutions for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments". It is not cheap (€120.00 for 60 minutes) but if it delivers on its promises, then it will be the best value treat you can offer someone suffering from the effects of cancer treatments.

We also like the sound of the other facials which Essence Spa has introduced - iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial - a results oriented treatment, it decongests pores, minimizes lines & brightens complexion; iS Clinical Red Carpet Facial - this intensive clinical treatment is designed to resurface the skin, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles & deep cleansing blocked pores. (This facial can not be performed if you are currently using any type of retinols, Retin-A or accutane).

And finally, one for the gentlemen - iS Clinical Gentlemen’s Refresher Facial. This deeply cleansing therapeutic facial is designed specifically for the skin-care needs of men, addressing ingrown hair and razor burn.


Slieve Russell Hotel opens Spa Doors - 15 Sep 2009

Open Evening at Ciuin Spa and Wellness Centre - 15th October 2009

October tends to be dark...and damp...so we love any excuse for a night out.

If you're in the vicinity of the Slieve Russell Hotel in Co Cavan, make your way to Ciuin Spa and Wellness Centre on October 15th at 6pm for a spa tour and open evening.

Fantastic offers not to be missed for 1 night only include:
• Complimentary Hand and Foot Massages and Nail painting
• Elemis skincare consultations with Elemis Representative
• Treatment and Make-Up demonstrations
• Mini Makeover’s with tips for using mineral make-up and looks for the winter months.

Plus, many discounts and promotions:
• 20% off all treatments booked and paid for on the evening
• 15% off all Bare Escentuals Make-up
• 3 for 2 on all Elemis products
• Elemis and Bare Escentuals Christmas gifts with special discounts on the night

Wine and canapés will be served on the evening along with other refreshments. Tickets are €10.00 which can be redeemed on the evening against products or treatments purchased. And..all tickets purchased will be entered into a prize draw to win some fantastic Elemis and Bare Escentuals gifts on the evening. Terms and conditions apply to all promotional offers. Contact the Ciuin Spa Reception to book your ticket now on:+353 (0)49 9526444


Top 10 Spa Days - 08 Sep 2009

Day Spa Packages from €120.00

So you can’t get away for a night, no babysitter; and you can’t afford it anyway. But your body is screaming with fatigue, your head hurts and it’s been months since you and your friend just took off and did a ‘Thelma and Louise’. Here’s our compilation of some of the most luxurious, unusual and great value day spa packages at Spa Ireland.

1. Europe Hotel and Resort, Killarney – Spa and Rest Package
5 star quality needn’t always cost 5 figures, even if the new spa at the Europe Resort cost €35 million to build. Book the ‘Spa and Rest’ package which includes a 2 course lunch, access to the thermal suites plus a 90 minute ESPA treatment experience for €149.00.click here

2. Queen Beauty Emporium, Dublin – The Royal Makeover
Be a Princess or Queen for a day. The perfect treat for that special night out - with blowdry, facial and makeup application included for €150.00. click here

3. Ritz Carlton, Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow – Spa Ireland Exclusive Day Package
One of our most popular packages, fabulously exclusive to our Spa Ireland clients and your chance to swim in the sparkly Swarovski crystal-lit pool. Exceptional value with 4 treatments (body scrub, massage, facial and toe or finger paint), thermal suite access and a healthy lunch for €155.00. click here

4. Maryborough Hotel, Cork - Body Bliss Package
This special day is designed to ease away your stresses. Start the day with a personal consultation, be nourished with a 2 course lunch in the Spa Tea Pavilion and pampered with 2 spa treatments choosing from an ESPA Skin Hydrator Wrap, a Full Body Hot Stone Massage or an ESPA Skin Brightener Facial for €165.00. click here

5. Bellinter House, Navan, Co.Meath – A Day of Indulgence
Pretend you’re a film star and hang out in one of our grooviest retreats for the day. Be Cleopatra and start with a Voya Organic Seaweed Bath followed by a Full Body Aromatherapy Massage and a USPA Clarity Facial. That will work up quite an appetite so enjoy your two-course lunch in the Drawing Room and then finish with a Full Spa Manicure and Full Spa Pedicure including arm and leg massage for €205.00. click here

6. The Grooming Rooms, Dublin – Package 4
One for the boys (and we know you read us too because lots of you call us to book your spa breaks). Slip into the uber-chic Grooming Rooms on South William Street in Dublin and enjoy a haircut, hot towel shave plus a deeply relaxing Hot Stone Massage for €160.00. click here

7. The Kingsley Hotel & Yauvana Spa, Cork – Yauvana Revive Special Offer
Escape to India for a day by way of the unique Ayuverdic Spa tucked away in the Kingsley Hotel on the banks of the River Lee. Treatments are designed to treat the body as well as the soul so this package includes an Udvartana Massage (suitable for weight loss and lymphatic drainage) plus a traditional Ayurvedic Facial for €150.00 (this is great value, the package usually retails at €205.00 per person). click here

8. The Shandon Hotel, Marble Strand, Co.Donegal – Hen Party Package
Located in one of the most northerly parts of Ireland the Shandon Hotel Spa has spectacular views over Sheephaven Bay and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to enjoy them from the outdoor hot-tub. This specially designed package is for pre-wedding hen celebrations and includes 4 treatments plus the Shandon Spa Experience for €140.00 per person. click here

9. Castlemartyr Resort, Cork – Afternoon Tea Package
Recently re-opened as sister hotel to Dromoland Castle, Castlemartyr Resort is 5 star all the way. From the moment you drive up the avenue, you’ll feel like the complete Lady of The Manor with this sumptuous package. Enjoy a mini facial, a back, neck & shoulder massage, full afternoon tea plus use of the thermal and relaxation area for €135.00. click here

10. Slieve Russell Hotel, Cavan – Yummy Mummy Package
Given the country is experiencing the biggest Baby Boom in decades, this one is the perfect treat for the expectant mother. The Yummy Mummy package features an Elemis Mother-to-be Back Massage, Elemis Skin Solution Facial, Finishing Touch Of Colour, File & Polish (choice of hands or toes), and to take home a complimentary Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath 60ml for €120.00. click here


The Ice House - 07 Sep 2009

Scooping up the awards in Ballina.

The Ice House is no stranger to awards - Chill Spa was nominated for Best Service in Tatler's Spa Awards 2009, the hotel featured on Conde Nast Traveller Hot List 2008 and the restaurant was named Best Newcomer in the Restaurant Association of Ireland Awards 2009.

Now, they've been honoured in what is seen by many in the industry as the ‘Oscars’ for the hospitality industry, the FOOD&WINE Magazine Edward Dillon Restaurant of the Year Awards 2009, which were announced at a recent event at The Mansion House Dublin.

Readers of FOOD&WINE Magazine were asked to nominate their favourite restaurants, chefs and sommeliers. A regional panel of experts (including academics, food writers and industry specialists all too intimidating to mention) then provided their own feedback on the list and created a shortlist from the nominations. Finally an expanded panel of national judges, using a secret ballot, voted on the various categories. So, safe to say this was a pretty rigorous process resulting in The Pier Restaurant winning the title of Penfolds Best Connaught Restaurant..

Congrats to the team at the Ice House - well earned - and if we could share with readers our personal tip - go now! The Ice House has stunning forest views across the River Moy and with the foliage just beginning to turn, there is no better time to see the area in full autumnal glory. Might even see you there!


Aromatherapy Associates - 07 Sep 2009

Miniature Collection - little bottles of happiness.

I like Aromatherapy Associates, largely because the names behind the brand, Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey are still very much involved in the business and really know their stuff when it comes to essential oils.

As autumn creeps up on us, 'tis the season of baths so turn a warm bath or shower into a wonderful aromatherapy experience by choosing a miniature oil from the collection.

Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil: essential oils of vetivert, camomile and sandalwood help to restore peace and tranquillity and promote a restful nights sleep.
Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil: a blend of lavender, ylang ylang and petitgrain help to unwind and ease a tired body.
De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil: combines essential oils of wild camomile, petitgrain, frankincense and rosemary to help clear the head and ease stress.
De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil: the perfect way to soak away aching muscles and joints, this blend incorporates lavender, ginger, black pepper and rosemary.
Revive Evening Bath & Shower Oil: an energising blend of geranium, patchouli and ylang ylang to help enhance feelings of self-esteem and pep up the senses.
Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil: a detoxifying, balancing blend, perfect after a little over-indulging, after a long flight or when generally feeling sluggish.
Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil: helps to lift the spirits, this floral blend of geranium, rose, frankincense and bergamot is perfect during times of emotional stress.
Support Lavender & Peppermint Bath & Shower Oil: this cooling blend helps clear the head, soothe the body and is recommended for use after a long hot day in the sun (and which, if any of us, can recall what that particular feeling is like!).
Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil: essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, pine and tea tree help to clear a stuffy head and sharpen the mind.

The Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection (approx €30.00 for 9 x 3ml) is available at a number of Spa Ireland partner outlets including Solis Lough Eske, Royal Marine Dublin, Muckross Park Killarney, Galgorm Manor, the Hodson Bay Hotel and Farnham Estate. Mail order direct from Aromatherapy Associates on + 44 (0)20 8569 7030 or purchase online at www.aromatherapyassociates.com.


Dubai Spa Trends - 06 Aug 2009

US $87 million per year in revenue - secure?

It's always interesting to see what trends are emerging in some of the more evolved spa markets, and it will be equally interesting to see how Ireland compares as out fledgling industry matures.

An article by Jen Gerson in The National quotes from the latest Intelligent Spas report on spa performance specifically in Dubai. The report is gloomy, not much of that sunshine the Emirates are famous for. On average, spas expect to see their revenues halve and to see a drop in visits to spas of about 34%. 62 spas were surveyed with 55 replying to the questionnaire so the data should be pretty comprehensive.

That said the number of spas is still expected to increase by about 18%, another 10 new spas, and Man/Age, who launched their flagship branch in Abu Dhabi's Marina Mall in January 2008 has since launched two new spas in Dubai - testimony to the demand from the male only sector.

The federal Ministry of Health has also introduced - and is enforcing - rules which govern spa advertising. A business found to be exaggerating services or misleading services can face a fine of Dh 1,000 - about 190 euros. Small change perhaps but spas wishing to run an advert must now register with the ministry, an attempt at regulation in an area where rapid expansion has meant that hair salons have been describing themselves as spas.

Here, Failte Ireland has gone some way towards establishing a categorisation of spas, which we reflect on our website, though we are not convinced the hotel categories in particular are consumer friendly - the lines can get a little blurry between Hotel Comprehensive/ Extensive and Selective.

It's much simpler in the US where 3 main categories are emerging - Resort, Day and Medical Spas - and which reflect a natural delineation in product offerings.

And as to whether the regulation of spas belongs in the Department of Tourism or the Department of Health - that's a whole hornet's nest in itself!


Visible Brilliance - 05 Aug 2009

Elemis launch new skin radiance booster.

Skin brightening seems to be all the rage just now with many of the main product houses launching skincare items geared towards re-energising dull and stressed skin.

Elemis has spent two years researching and developing their range and from September, Visible Brilliance will be on the market. Actively targeting the skin's metabolism, it promises to "brighten, lift and re-energise dull, fatigued and stressed skin."

The key ingredients include some you might expect - magnesium, zinc, copper - but a couple that may surprise. Blonde Pea Proteins are credited with providing an instant lift whilst Dew Bean fights the effect of ageing with a mild resurfacing action and Red Seaweed is excellent for dark circles around the eyes.

Elemis products tend to be very results driven so Visible Brilliance might well be one to try out. Available at your Spa Ireland Elemis Spas - Falls Hotel, Killarney Park Hotel, Mount Wolseley, Radisson Blu Hotels in Limerick and Galway, The Slieve Russell Hotel and, for the men, The Grooming Rooms.


Welcome Back - 23 Jul 2009

Castlemartyr, baby sister to Dromoland Castle, is live on spa-ireland.com

The stunning Castlemartyr resort has re-opened following a brief respite which has given it the chance to get familiar with it's new sister, Dromoland Castle, and the Dromoland style of hospitality.

Set in the gorgeous rolling countryside of East Cork, Castlemartyr is truly a place to escape to plus you're guaranteed all the charm and hospitality associated with a top 5 star hotel.

The 'Spa at Castlemartyr' is a 24,400-square foot wellness, spa and fitness centre, an ideal destination for a relaxing and pampering sojourn. It features the chic Anne Sémonin Treatment collection that combines an ingenious blend of aromatic essentials oils, trace elements and marine ingredients with the classic French touch. Indulge yourself from a range of treatments and therapies, making it the perfect antidote for those wishing to replenish energy levels or simply indulge in a little pampering.


Seven Deadly Spa Breaks - 22 Jul 2009

Sinful breaks, all for under €200.00

Spa-ireland.com features the best value spa offers around and has come up with devilish collection of sinful spa breaks, each for under €200.00 - so tempting, you might want them all.

Time to Share with this romantic Radisson Blu Limerick spa package.Includes 1 night stay with breakfast, dinner and 2 spa treatments each (one being the perfectly named Elemis Devils Mint Body Polish) - €132.50 per person sharing.
click here

Exclusive to Spa Ireland - because 1 spa treatment is never enough, enjoy a luxury Spa Day at the Ritz-Carlton, Powerscourt with 4 treatments and lunch - €155 per person.
click here

One night not enough for you? Have two – this sensational package at Marybough Hotel, Co. Cork includes a 2 night stay with breakfast, 4 course meal PLUS spa treatment - €200 per person sharing.
click here

Ronaldo may have left the building but you can always enjoy a lazy Sunday in the sanctuary of Carton House, Co. Kildare. Includes 1 nights stay, breakfast, evening meal PLUS spa treatment - €135 per person sharing.
click here

Don’t risk it, this is one where you can bring all the girls. Fabulous Hen night for groups of 10 or over at Farnham Estate in Cavan. Includes 1 nights accommodation, breakfast, evening meal PLUS spa treatment – from €120 per person sharing.
click here

A favourite with the in-crowd, you too can enjoy a slice of 5 star luxury for a price you can afford at Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa. Includes 1 night stay with breakfast, lunch and spa treatment - €180 per person.
click here

Hold your head high, you’ve found the Dublin deal of the moment at the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. Includes a 2 night stay with daily breakfast, evening meal PLUS spa treatment - €149 per person sharing.
click here


Shandon Hotel Spa & Wellness - NEW - 08 Jul 2009

A little more magic in Donegal.

We're very biased towards Co. Donegal, not least because we get to spend time there thanks to a generous sibling who has a holiday home in the area which they let us use from time to time, but mainly because it has some of the most amazing beaches in the country. Yes, it's an effort to get there but with improved roads, it's not that hard and it's inevitably worth it.

The Shandon Hotel Spa & Wellness is one of those places where the whole family can relax. Overlooking the stunning Sheephaven Bay and steps away from Marble Hill Strand, it's a place to chill, forget about the world and simply enjoy this natural environment.

The Spa is a surprise. Set a little removed from the hotel itself, it's a complete oasis of health and beauty. The vitality area comes equipped with aromatherapy showers, herbal sauna, salt grotto, and of course, a spacious vitality pool with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the sea. There are 8 purpose built treatment rooms with soft lighting, soft towels and comfortable masseuse beds.

A wide range of natural treatments and therapies is offered, some are from traditions centuries old and others reflect the latest discoveries in rejuvenation therapies. The Spa uses Repechage products, an exclusive range of skin care and body products, all seaweed based, very fitting for the environment in question.

Shandon Hotel Spa & Wellness click here


Look Good Feel Good - 30 Jun 2009

In aid of the Marie Keating foundation - New makeup guide for ordinary women.

In aid of the Marie Keating Foundation.......

At last, a make-up book that focuses on the needs of ordinary women instead of demonstrating on flawless models we simply can't compete with. Look Good Feel Good focuses on six ordinary women with extraordinary stories and shows how make up transformed their looks and self esteem.

The book is designed in an easy to understand format and includes two main sections entitled Know the Basics and Learn the Secrets. It also has a dedicated chapter relating to skin, nail and wig care – Beauty during and after Cancer Treatment.

It covers many of the day to day makeup problems encountered by women, such as deciding which makeup brushes to buy, using the correct foundation, choosing the right eye shadow colours, step by step guides to creating daytime, evening and smokey eye looks. It also demonstrates some of the more technical artistry of makeup application, such as concealing scars, wrinkles and acne, caring for teenage skin, recreating eyebrows and eyelashes lost through chemotherapy, and makeup for looking younger.

Look Good Feel Good has been written and published by two of the Irelands leading figures in the Irish beauty industry Award Winning Professional Makeup Artist Rhona Cullinan and Derek O Kelly, director at the Irish Academy of Beauty. Forward is by Ronan Keating and proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Marie Keating Foundation. Photos by Beta Bajgartova.

To learn more click here


Irish Beauty Magazine - 30 Jun 2009

Dipping a toe in spa waters.

Irish Beauty Magazine is published ten times a year by AIT (Associated Irish Therapists) and is read widely by beauty therapists, spa professionals, holistic health practitioners, not to mention hotel and day spa owners.

Expect to read articles about the latest products, therapies, spa trends, training, recruitment and the business of running a spa.

This month Spa Ireland has contributed in two sections. Our report from the 3rd Global Spa Summit in Interlaken is published in full and we also comment a special feature about how to get mature clients to dip their toes in spa waters.

To read more click here To access the Irish Beauty website click here


Aveda Spa at Carton House - 15 Jun 2009

Are your chakras balanced?

Most of the time we plod along just like everyone else wishing Friday would come faster but there are some days when this really is the Carlsberg job.

Carton House, set in over 1,000 acres of natural parkland, has recently switched spa products to what would seem to be a very natural fit, Aveda and the nice people at Aveda and Deirdre O'Brien, Sales Manager at Carton persuaded me to try out the new treatment menu at the spa.

I opted for the Aveda Chakra™ Balancing Massage which is described as "an innovative massage experience that focuses on the seven chakra centres using a variety of massage techniques." This is a treatment for anyone who feels a little out of sorts and your therapist will invite you to choose from a selection of Aveda blended oils which will be used in your treatment, the theory being you'll pick the one you need.

Transpired my heart was in need of a little TLC and my chakras needed sandalwood, organic mandarin and palmrosa. My therapist, Sinead also applied blue oil (a blue camomile and peppermint combination) to soothe tight muscles, mainly around my shoulders and neck (all that hunching over a laptop on the non-Carlsberg-job days).

Aveda promise that combining their Chakra™ Balancing Blends with deep tissue massage, reflexology and chakra energy work will lead to "stress relief, decreased muscular tension and increased energy". Have to say I'd agree and whilst this may not be the cheapest treatment you will ever have - €105.00 for one hour and fifteen minutes - it does feel like a very effective and personalised treat.

Throughout the summer Carton House will offer special value packages so keep an eye out here for for the best deals.

click here


Irish Tatler - Best Holistic Spa 2009 - 15 Jun 2009

Yauvana Spa at the Kingsley wins top award.

Recently announced winner of Irish Tatler’s Best Holistic Spa 2009, Yauvana Spa at the 5-star Kingsley Hotel, Cork is a worthy winner of this prestigious award.

Ireland’s only fully customised Ayurvedic Spa, all of its therapists are from Kerala in Southern India, the home of Ayurveda so it's safe to say they really know what they are about.

The Spa is headed up by Dr Anu,also from Kerala, who travelled to Dublin recently to collect the award.

To check out the current packages available at the Kingsley click here


Ritz Carlton Exclusive Day Package - 08 Jun 2009

Only €155 per person - Exclusive to Spa Ireland

Spa Ireland are delighted to extend a very special offer exclusive to Spa Ireland users.

This special spa package at ESPA at the Ritz Carlton includes 4 treatments, lunch and use of the fabulous Spa facilities including - Swarovski Crystal lit-Indoor Pool, Hammam Suite, Vitality Pool, Thermal Suite and Serenity Room.

The package can be purchased as a Spatreat voucher for someone you love or if you are feeling self indulgent, why not gift yourself with this very special spa day..

Purchase a Spatreat -click here

Package Details -click here


Global Spa Summit - 28 May 2009

Spa Business Leaders meet in Interlaken.

Every year the leaders of the world's largest spa businesses get together to talk about trends, issues and opportunities - effectively it's one big spa think-tank. The event itself is invite-only and this year's conference took place in the glorious Interlaken, a suitably green, clean-air environment to talk about the state of spa.

We were lucky enough to attend the conference and to rub shoulders with the great pioneers of spa product - Geraldine Howard, President of Aromatherapy Associates; Susan & Charlie Harmsworth of ESPA, Kerstin Florian herself and Mark Walton of Voya (great to see Ireland building awareness of our own unique, indigenous product). Also the founders of two of the main spa websites - spafinder.com and wahanda.com - were there, along with Spa designers, medical experts, leading hotel groups and top spa consultants.

So what did we learn?
- Every country is finding the economic situation tough and it's hard for spas to generate a return on the significant investment needed to build and maintain the best spas.
- In the US, Day Spas are the most popular and most are discounting, offering added value and running effective customer loyalty programmes.
- Asia is challenged too but the cost of labour is still relatively low so countries like Thailand and Indonesia will always be able to manage costs a little more easily than their counterparts in Europe and the USA.
- European spas have it tough on lots of levels - the economy, currency flutuations, labour costs - and it's important to recognise that the value and service being offered has never been better.

Students from the Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne and the IMHI-ESSEC Business School, Paris, presented their ideas on the spas of the future. Ranging from dual-tasking barmen/masseurs to university-campus spa-networking relaxation suites, the ideas were great and naturally encompassed tweeting, facebooking, linking-in and having a massage called "My Boyfriend Dumped Me". Loved it!

On a more serious note, we can expect developments in genetic evaluation and preventative medicine to combine with nutritional and holistic approaches to shaping the world of spa, wellness and beauty. Watch this space.


Father's Day - 21st June - 26 May 2009

Great gifts this Fathers Day

Lots of men buy spa breaks and gift vouchers for the women in their lives but it’s role reversal time now as Father’s Day looms. Though most Spa Ireland spa packages are equally suited to men as women, we know men love massages that are results-driven, hot towel shaves and anything that has “Sport” in the title.

You could take the easy way out and buy a My Time Voucher which will allow the father in your life choose his own spa and treatment -click here

Alternatively, take a chance and book one of our Spa Ireland packages.

Dunboyne Castle, Co. Meath
Seoid Spa Just for Men - Day Spa Package which includes a floatation treatment, mini facial and scalp massage PLUS nail buff for €120.00.00 per person. click here

Farnham Estate, Co. Cavan
Great value overnight stay midweek with breakfast PLUS round of golf or spa treatment for only €99.00 per person sharing making this the perfect excuse to accompany your father on a much needed spa break. click here

The Grooming Rooms, Dublin
Dedicated to men and offering grooming services and results driven treatments. There are a feast of treats available at the Grooming Rooms but why not puchase an exclusive Spa Ireland Spatreat for the Grooming Rooms which includes a facial, pedicure and hot towel shave - €160.00 per person. click here

The Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Limerick
With some of the best value spa breaks around, this is an affordable way for the kids to send both parents for a weekend away. The Tailor Made Spa break includes 2 nights bed and breakfast plus 2 spa treatments each ( 1 x 50 minute PLUS 1 x 25 minute) for a fantastic €165.00 per person sharing. click here

Carton House, Co. Kildare
Take time to read every scrap of the Sunday papers with this Sunday Sanctuary package - overnight stay including dinner in the Club House, bed and breakfast PLUS spa treatment in the gorgeous new Aveda Spa for only €135.00 per person sharing click here

For reservations submit our online Booking Enquiry or call Spa Ireland on 01 707 8617.


Summer Savers - 19 May 2009

Hot spa deals this season

We have hardly caught our breath since the last bank holiday and yet another one is fast approaching. In just 2 short weeks it will be June, and the long weekend we have been yearning for, so why not spring into summer in fabulous spa style.

1)The Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin always comes up trumps with great value spa breaks. On offer is the perfect indulgent treat that won't break the bank.
Included is a 1 night stay with breakfast, full use of the thermal suites and 3 mini spa treatments - €149.50 per person sharing. click here

2)The Radisson Limerick offer a wide variety of beautiful spa packages for under €200 per person sharing. Enjoy some quality moments with the "Time to Share" spa break. Included is an overnight stay with breakfast, evening meal PLUS 2 spa treatments - €132.50 per person sharing. click here

3)Maryborough Hotel, Co. Cork is the perfect city escape without the noise factor. For the blushing bride, this is a classic option for pre wedded bliss. Included is an overnight stay with dinner, breakfast PLUS 1 hour ESPA spa treatment - €145 per person sharing (PLUS - If the booking is for 10 or more people, the bride stays free). click here

4)Muckross Park hotel and Cloisters Spa is located in Irelands beauty spot, Killarney, Co. Kerry. The bank holiday weekend brings a 2 night stay with breakfast inclusive PLUS 1 evening meal and Cloister experience for €230 per person sharing. click here

5) Carton House in Co. Kildare offers luxury accommodation, delicious meal in the Club House and a beautiful spa treatment all bundled up in the Sunday Sanctuary package - €135 per person sharing. click here

To book any of these packages or enquire about any of our Spa Ireland properties, simply submit a booking enquiry or call 01 7078617 for further information.


Lava Shells Massage - 14 May 2009

Revolutionary treatment coming soon to Ireland.

Hailing all the way from the Tropics, a revolution in the massage world will arrive soon on Irish shores in the form of Lava Shells™, described as “the world’s first naturally self-heating massage tool”.

This new form of hot therapy is centred upon lava shells - genuine Tiger Striped Clam Shells hand selected from the South Pacific.“The clam’s natural shape makes it a perfect tool for massage,” assures Clare Anderson of UK and Ireland distributor Shared Beauty Secrets.“With a narrow edge along the mouth for targeted deep work and a smooth, rounded surface for even pressure and comfort and long strokes.”

The shells are obtained from villages in the Philippines where they are a part of the everyday diet and previously regarded as waste, making LavaShells™ are eco friendly from start to finish.

The secret of this treatment lies in the ability of the shells to heat up internally for up to an hour. Gone is the necessity of external equipment, batteries or electricity.

Unlike hot stones, all lava shells require to heat up is LavaGel, a patented non-toxic and biodegradable combination of natural minerals and water. This innovative self-heating blend of natural ingredients includes algae and dried sea kelp which, when blended with sea water, generates its own controlled heat for hour long massages.

We can't wait to see this hit Irish shores and to try it out.


Shelter from Stress - 30 Apr 2009

Spa breaks from €99

For many of us, the recession has meant an overhaul in our spending habits and an increase in anxiety.

Spa hotels are recognising the need for stress reducing breaks at good value rates, and at Spa Ireland we’re glad to offer our customers a compilation of the best offers around suiting most pockets – even better, we have left no province untouched with packages available from the top to the toe of Ireland.

While all of the breaks are suitable for those seeking shelter from stress, we also think they are particularly good for group gatherings. With wedding season on our doorstep, the frazzled bride-to-be now has exceptional choice for those pre wedding celebrations.

Royal Marine Hotel , Dun Laoghaire – from €100 per person
The Royal Marine has a fabulous range of packages available, from half day to overnight stays. They are offering exceptional value for groups of 6 people or more with packages such as the Girls night in, which includes 3 course evening meal, overnight stay with breakfast, mini manicure, mini spa treatment, spray tan PLUS champagne and choccies - €218 per person sharing click here

For those on a tighter budget, try the half day Sansana package which includes mini massage, mini facial and mini manicure PLUS use of thermal suites and pool for only €100 per person. click here

No 1 Pery Square, Limerick - €99 per person sharing
An urban chic sanctuary with only 20 bedrooms , No 1 Pery Square is offering some fabulous introductory offers, such as an overnight stay with breakfast, 2 course lunch PLUS access to the thermal suites for only €99 per person sharing. click here

Slieve Russell, Co. Cavan - €95 per person
Perfect for a spa quick fix and great value at only €95 each. Included in the Spa Delight package - 2 x 25 minute treatments, afternoon tea PLUS access to the thermal Suites. click here

Bellinter House, Co. Meath - €175 per person sharing
We all love that Friday feeling and what better way to kickstart your weekend, than with this beautiful package which celebrates our favourite day. Friday Pampering includes dinner, bed and breakfast PLUS 1 spa treatment from a good selection - €175 per person sharing. click here

Aghadoe Heights, Co. Kerry - €180 per person sharing
5 star hotels don’t always mean 5 star prices. Aghadoe Heights is offering a Summer Getaway - 1 night stay with breakfast PLUS main course lunch, choice of either massage or facial, complimentary newspaper and valet parking. Don’t have a car? The lovely people at Aghadoe are more than happy to arrange complimentary pickup from Killarney train station or Kerry airport. All this for just €180 per person sharing. click here

Farnham Estate, Co. Cavan - €99 per person sharing
Perfect for when your escape can only be a short one. Enjoy an overnight Midweek Spa Break with 25 minute spa treatment for €95 per person sharing. click here

To book, or request further information on any of the above properties, please contact us on 01 7078617 or submit a booking enquiry on www.spa-ireland.com.


VOYA - Ethical, Organic & Affordable - 24 Apr 2009

10% off VOYA product for Spa Ireland fans

Ethically produced, environmentally friendly beauty potions needn't be overly costly or imported from outside Ireland. The proof is in VOYA, the Sligo based company who, for years have brought us seaweed baths, followed by a range of body products and who are now taking a leap into the world of skincare with the launch of their new facial products.

VOYA products are already available in many spas across the country, including Nadur Spa in Tralee, which also happened to be shortlisted for an Irish Beauty Professional Award for Best Spa 2008. And you can try out seaweed baths and fabulous VOYA body treatments at Dromoland Castle, Bellinter House and one of our newest partners, No 1 Pery Square in Limerick.

If you're not free to travel however, VOYA now offer a feast of products to give you that spa fresh feeling in the comfort of your own home. You're probably familiar with the endless benefits of seaweed, but imagine the delights of this organically certified marine miracle carefully blended with other goodies such as Shea Butter and Aloe Vera.
The results are products such as Cast Away Facewash (€22) or Love a Scrub exfoliant (€28). For the healing seaweed bath experience in your own tub, try Lazy Days (€16) - a seaweed bath in a box

Convinced yet? Well, it helps that VOYA are offering 10% off all purchases made between now and end June to all Spa Ireland users. Simply log onto www.voya.ie and when making a purchase at the checkout stage enter the promotional code "Spa Ireland".


Calling all Spa Managers - 15 Apr 2009

Spa Business Manager sought by one of our exclusive spa partners.

Spa Ireland is not a recruitment agency by any stretch of the imagination but every now and again we hear of an opportunity that we know will be a perfect fit for someone looking at our website.

The Ice House Hotel, Ballina, Co Mayo needs a Spa Business Manager to look after the Spa aspect of this luxurious 4 **** hotel property in Co Mayo.

The Spa operation is considered an integral part of the guest experience at the hotel and this role has three dimensions:

• Marketing - The Ice House needs a market expert to engage the local market and work closely with the PR and Sales team creating wonderful spa packages for clients.
• People Management - The Spa Business Manager will also have the proven people skills to bring out the best in the therapist team, organising regular training and upskilling opportunities.
• Customer Service – someone who loves being with customers and believes in delivering an unforgettable & integrated guest and spa experience.

This Spa Business Manager could have a hospitality background in beauty, leisure, customer service or front office with the relevant characteristics listed above.

For more information call Linda at The Firm on 01 4752903 or send your CV details in confidence to linda@thefirm.ie.

For more about The Ice House click here or click here


Yoga at the Ritz-Carlton - 15 Apr 2009

Deep - and Luxurious - Breathing from €385.00 per couple.

One of our most popular spa resorts, The Ritz-Carlton, Powerscourt has partnered with Yoga Dublin Studios to offer guests a yoga retreat in one of the most scenic estates in Ireland (just 30 minutes from Dublin city centre).

This weekend retreat will take place on Sat 25th April for 1 night and includes accommodation in a deluxe room, lunch in Gordon Ramsay on Saturday and dinner McGill’s that evening following a yoga class to suit every level with Colm Walsh, Director of Yoga Dublin. This weekend retreat is priced at Euro €285 per person or Euro €385 per couple and includes a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning before departing the hotel.

So you can plan......the weekend will start early on Saturday 25th April with registration in ESPA at The Ritz-Carlton, Powerscourt at 8.30am where herbal teas and fruit will be served. The advanced class will begin at 9.30am, whilst other attendees can relax in the Swarovski lit heated swimming pool and Hammam Suite, in preparation for their class at 11am. Following a healthy lunch in Gordon Ramsay, attendees will have the choice of going on a guided walk by The River Dargle, visiting Powerscourt Gardens or relaxing in their room. Preferential rates will also be offered to attendees who book a massage in ESPA on the Saturday or Sunday. If you have not visited Powerscourt yet, be prepared for some glorious views across the Wicklow Hills to the Sugar Loaf.

Colm Walsh of Yoga Dublin has been teaching yoga in Dublin for over ten years, and practising for longer. He opened his own studios five years ago in Ranelagh, Dublin and has shared his knowledge of yoga with men and women of all ages, walks of life, and levels of experience during this period. Colm is delighted with this new partnership “The Ritz-Carlton, Powerscourt offers attendees a stunning tranquil location to practice yoga and an opportunity to relax in comfort for the weekend. I hope the attendees get enjoyment from this weekend which is needed more than ever today”.

This retreat is a fabulous way to learn or improve yoga techniques with a reputable yoga teacher and also a chance to experience the relaxing surroundings of Powerscourt Estate whilst staying in luxury at The Ritz-Carlton. Go for it! click here


Introducing Somewhere Special - 03 Apr 2009

No.1 Pery Square, Limerick.

Every now and again we come across somewhere special and invariably, the really special places are a labour of love. No.1 Pery Square is no exception. Overlooking the tree lined "People's Park" in Limerick's historic Georgian quarter, and dating back to 1830, owner Patricia Coughlan has lovingly brought this great house to life.

The holistic Irish Organic Spa located in the vaulted basement is the ultimate urban retreat and the choice of products - Voya, Sodashi, Aromatherapie, MAC - is testament to the owners great taste in all things beautiful.

No 1 Pery Square offers 20 very individual bedrooms, delicious food & wine at Brasserie One (with great views of the Georgian streetscape) and what we think may well be the most gorgeous bathrooms in the city.

A wide selection of introductory packages is on offer and we like the No 1 Spa Experience for 2 where guests can enjoy an overnight stay with breakfast in a beautiful club room and also enjoy a bathing ritual using Voya 100% organic salt/seaweed, use of the thermal suite with its herbal cocoon, aroma steam, coal bunker sauna, sole pole and Irish mist showers and of course the Snooze room...

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BABOR in transit - 03 Apr 2009

Frankfurt Airport's New First Class Spa Opens.

In keeping with the trends for 2009 when in-transit spa-going was predicted, Frankfurt Airport has caught up with London’s Heathrow Airport and is now offering a first class spa.

BABOR has landed in Lufthansa’s new first class lounge, providing premium service all year long. According to Norbert Rietfort, head of the BABOR SPA Division, "business travellers in particular will appreciate the new possibilities offered by our spa, especially when they wish to arrive refreshed and relaxed for their next appointment. A visit to the First Class Spa is also the perfect way to begin a relaxing holiday.”

Travellers can enjoy BABORs extensive bathing area, featuring six high-quality shower baths, two with jacuzzis and two with spa rooms. With treatment times ranging between 15 and 90 minutes, guests are able to enjoy a refreshing express facial or lie back and relax with a complete wellness treatment. The time thing really is key as for many people, the only thing preventing them from enjoying airport-spa'ing is fear of missing a flight.

We're still waiting for Dublin airport to offer us Spa In-Transit.


Four Seasons Hotel Dublin - NEW - 02 Apr 2009

Introducing our newest Dublin spa partner...and it's a goodie.

We're so happy to be adding a great new Dublin partner to spa-ireland.com as we're of the view that the city centre is bereft of quality spas that also offer luxurious accommodation.
With 197 elegant guest rooms and suites, Four Seasons Dublin offers a wide choice of accommodation options. It also offers, uniquely in Dublin, an urban spa retreat with exclusive La Prairie treatments - which is why you're finding it on spa-ireland.com. Nestled deep in the heart of the hotel, it's an oasis of calm and tranquility.

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Ritz Carlton Spring Reviver - 18 Mar 2009

** NEW ** Day Spa Package for just €139.00

Following the huge success of the Winter Retreat package, the Ritz Carlton have launched a brand new day spa package to take you into spring.

The offer includes a back, neck and shoulder massage, an eye treatment, a head massage and a pedicure. It also includes full thermal suite access and a light spa lunch - all for just €139 per person midweek and €165 at weekends.

With the clocks going forward soon, this is a perfect way to step into the new season in style.

To see further details and submit an enquiry-
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All Ireland Marketing Awards - 02 Mar 2009

Spa-ireland.com makes the final.

It's always nice to get some recognition and we've been lucky enough to get shortlisted, and even win, some awards since we launched in November 2007.

This time we're swimming with the sharks as we're one of the 5 finalists in the AIM All Ireland Marketing Awards 2009. Our category is for Tourism Marketing and we're up against The Guinness Storehouse, Tourism Ireland, Ovation Ireland and Hotels.com.

Hundreds of entries were submitted to the Marketing Institute of Ireland which is especially important given the current backdrop of negative economic conditions. The adjudicators felt that many excellent entries did not make it onto the shortlist so we're pretty pleased we've made it this far (and yes, we'd still like to win it!).

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Tee Off at the Ice House - 02 Mar 2009

Golf (and maybe Spa!) with Professional Golfer David Kearney.

The Ice House, Ballina, Co. Mayo has joined forces with professional golfer David Kearney to bring you a very exciting Ladies Golf School package. This package aims to teach the very basics of the game and at the same time offer a pampering  few days away at this very chic retreat.

David Kearney has been a professional golfer for 17 years and in this time his travels have taken him to work in America, Australia, Canada and Turkey where he gained valuable knowledge on how to optimise players’ performance.   Alongside his private clients, David is a swing tutor to the PGA at headquarters in The Belfry and has been National Coach to the Irish Ladies Golf Union for the past 5 years.

Ladies Golf School begins with a warm welcome at The Ice House from general Managers, Dara Cruise and Claire O’Sullivan with fresh scones and coffee. Following check-in, guests can enjoy a light lunch at Pier Restaurant and then head down to Enniscrone Golf Club to start lessons at the Golf School with David. After golf school, you'll be treated to pre-dinner drinks and a private dinner in The Ice House’s Vaulted Private Dining Room.

Awaken refreshed after a comfortable night's sleep to a fabulous breakfast and spend half the day at The Chill Spa and the other half on the Golf Course. A light lunch will be served and once again dinner will be available for all at Pier Restaurant with the obligatory pre-drinks beforehand. Day three begins with breakfast and then departure to Enniscrone Golf Club where the ladies will enjoy a Nine Hole Golf Competition with lunch, prize giving and final farewells.

For just €495 per person enjoy Ladies Golf School which includes single or double occupancy accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, golf school with David Kearney and a one hour spa treatment at The Chill Spa with complimentary access to the Thermal Suite. The first Golf School takes place March 23rd-25th 2009 and is a perfect present for Mother’s Day!

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Snakes Alive! - 02 Mar 2009

Venom Facial available exclusively at Queen Beauty Emporium.

Queen Beauty Emporium, the home of high-style hair, makeup and skincare, announces another beauty first – the addition of the Venom Facial to their list of exclusive skin treats.

The Venom Facial uses Planet Skincare products such as the Instant Firming Serum and the cult Daily Moisturiser to replicate the effects of real snake venom on the skin, plumping, tightening and brightening for an A-list glow before a big night out. And although Planet Skincare is loved by celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore, this special treat comes at a price even cash-strapped recessionistas can afford – just €60.

“This facial is specifically designed for giving the skin that celebrity glow, and creating the perfect canvas for beautiful makeup,” says Leonard Daly, beauty expert at Queen. “It’s the ideal treat before a special night out.” For the ultimate pre-party pamper, combine the Venom Facial with a makeup application in Queen’s luxurious Throne Room (just €100.00 until the end of March)."

The Venom Facial is now available exclusively in Ireland at Queen Beauty Emporium, 66-67 Aungier Street, Dublin 2. Tel 01-4789633 or email Leonard@queenbe.ie.


Stress Relief - 27 Feb 2009

We recommend our top treatments.

Spa time is definitely something that each of us should indulge in now and again and it doesnt have to cost a fortune with many properties offering mini or introductory treatments. For the rookies amongst us, this provides a great way to get a taste of what's on offer before signing up for anything too expensive.

We all know that a build up of stress is bad for the body (and soul) and many spa treatments offer a holistic approach, easing the most burdened of shoulders. These are our top choices for stress relief and we'd always suggest that you try something that you have never done before - in itself, good for body and mind.

1) Massage is the first treatment we think of in the fight against anxiety. Massage involve manipulation of the body with pressure - how intense that pressure is, is up to you. It literally ebbs away your bodies knots, so you will emerge lighter both physically and in spirit. There are a symphony of massage types available from Hot Stone to Swedish to Thai. The majority of featured Spa Ireland properties offer massage so you will be spoiled for choice.

2) Floatation is a magical treatment that many approch with trepidation. Once you experience it however, you will be hooked. You can enjoy virtual body weightlessness and a 20 minute session equates to a 2 hour sleep. Not only does it aid relaxation, it relieves stress on joints and muscles. A great treatment for the jet lagged. And don't worry, you will be snug and dry throughout!

3) Ayurveda is the traditional medicinal therapy native to India. For those who prefer a more holistic cure, and who love hot oils, ayurvedic treatments are perfect. The Kingsley hotel in Cork offers the first dedicated ayurvedic spa in Ireland. All the therapists come from India and are on hand to offer you both a lifestyle consultation and unique treatment selection.

4)Sunlight therapy is a modern approach to the treatment of SAD and depression related illnesses. The idea is that you can experience artificial sunlight without the harmful UV rays. Dunboyne Castle in Co, Meath offers a Sabbia Med treatment which involves you lying on a virtual beach with heated sand, experiencing the sun rise and set. If you can't afford to jump on a plane then this is the next best thing.

For a full range of treatments available in Spa Ireland spas check out our advanced search on the website.


Spa for a Day - 20 Feb 2009

Great Value Day Packages

Here at Spa Ireland, we appreciate a spa treatment or two. What's even more fabulous is when time affords us a whole day away at one of our favourite spas but we can still make it home in time to watch Grey's Anatomy (it's about the plot of course, not Dr Mc Dreamy!).

The best time to make your day escape is midweek as most spas tend to be quieter than at the weekends. We have put together a compilation of some of the best day spa packages available at the moment, ranging from extraordinary value ones to top luxury treats. Ideal if you are preparing for impending nuptials, and equally nice just to get away with a friend for some quiet time.

Hotel Westport offers a great Ladies Escape Package which includes a body peel, facial, eyebrow shape, nail file and polish all for €125 per person. click here

Killarney Park Hotel uses the luxurious Elemis product in its spa and you can have a little taster with this day package including a mini facial, back massage, hand and toenail polish and a light lunch. €140 per person. click here

Dunboyne Castle always make the shortlist for great value luxury packages. Currently on offer is a gorgeous girls package which includes a suite of treatments for only €135 per person. click here

The Culloden in Belfast is a five star property that has hosted many celebrities but hey, who are we to name drop! Send your man here to enjoy the great day spa package on offer - €127 per person midweek. With lunch included, not to mention a feast of ESPA treats, he will surely thank you for this. click here

And to leave you all dreamy, imagine this - top to toe indulgence with 4 hours of carefully chosen treatments at the Ritz Carlton in Co. Wicklow. Garden Beauty Relaxation Ritual €355 per person. click here

To book any of these packages, send us a booking enquiry or simply call us on 01 7078617.


Mother's Day - March 22nd - 12 Feb 2009

It's official - she deserves to be worshipped in spa-style.

March 22nd is the official day for mother-worshipping this year. We figure spa is a great gift for anybody, but who better than the woman who has spent most of her life caring for you. And during this interminable credit crunch, why not round your siblings up to gift your Mum a spa getaway she will remember - a much better better option than buying her yet another cookery book or scarf.

Carton House offers a day package for the expectant mother including a massage and pedicure. €140 per person. click here

Temple Spa offers the perfect break to relax with the aptly named Mother Daughter Weekend Getaway. Enjoy a two night stay, 2 gourmet dinners and a healthy breakfast each day as well as 2 Signature Temple Treatments each for €465.00 per person sharing. click here

The Europe in Killarney has a fabulous gift idea for your mother with this luxury day package. Included is an ESPA holistic arm, hand and nail treatment, a manicure, lunch and access to the thermal facilities for €139 per person.click here

If you really want to impress your mum, a stay at Monart destination spa is sure to win some praise. 5 star luxury combined with top notch spa facilities amount to a perfect stress free escape. 1 nights bed and breakfast, Sunday lunch and manicure - €195 per person sharing. click here

Muckross Park and Cloisters spa in Killarney is set in the most beautiful surroundings. An elegant 1 night stay on Mothers day including dinner, champagne and choccies is €130 per person sharing. click here

Cooler than cool, the Ice House in Co. Mayo has yet again come up trumps with a special occasion package designed for Mothering Sunday. Included is a 2 night stay with lazy breakfast in bed, 1 evening meal and a spa treatment. €295 per person sharing. click here

Dunboyne Castle hotel in Co. Meath has a great 1 night spa package including dinner, bed and breakfast, a selection of treatments and a complimentary bottle of wine for Spa Ireland guests - €199 per person sharing ( €250 pps on Saturdays). click here

And for those of you whose father has done the job of both parents, a trip to The Grooming Rooms in Dublin might be a great way to say thanks. At €135 for haircut, hot shave, massage and manicure, he will emerge a new man. click here


Shannon Region Spa and Wellness Month - 27 Jan 2009

February 2009 is the month to kickstart your health and wellness campaign.

Good health incorporates body, mind and soul. We all know about eating right and exercising regularly but frequently forgotten is looking after our inner balance - the measure of our stress levels and our personal Zen-factor. With leisure time sparse, personal issues and work difficulties increasing, it is easy for the simple stuff to fester, which in turn affects our health.

The West of Ireland is long known for its stunning Atlantic coastline, the mystical attraction of the Burren and a well-developed infrastructure for visitors. Shannon Development are dedicating the month of February to the promotion of Spa and Wellness in the Shannon area.

All our Spa Ireland properties in the Shannon region will include a welcome gift and departure gift with your booking, a free signature experience and various activities that you can take part in.

The Falls Hotel, Ennistymon, offer a wide range of packages incorporating the great outdoors and a little spa healing to recover. You will be rosy cheeked after a spa and surf package or, for those who prefer dry land, a Burren walking package with a little post walk foot relief.
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Dromoland Castle, situated just 8 miles from Shannon Airport, is one of the country's most exclusive castle resorts (and offering some of the best service we have ever experienced). With a wide variety of flotation treatments and Anti-Stress therapy available, the emphasis is very much on inner well being at Dromoland. Packages incorporating spa down time and luxury sleeping quarters are available.
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Imagine snoozing to the sound of waves crashing nearby, in the comfort of your own cottage. Doonbeg Golf Resort & Spa offers just that with packages incorporating great food and spa to ensure that the only thought on your mind is why you never visited before.
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The Radisson SAS Hotel & Rain Spa, Limerick is a great place to let your hair down with friends and enjoy a stay that will ensure body rejuvenation. With packages such as the 20/20/20 (a one hour spa session which gives you a taste of 3 different treatments), this is a great one for spa novices who want to try a selection of treatments.
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All our properties offer a host of activities throughout February from dancing yourself fit on the 1st at the Radisson to lifestyle coaching consultation on the 14th at Doonbeg. For the foodies amongst us, the Falls Hotel will have a healthy eating and recipes session with the hotel chef on the 12th.

To book any of these packages and avail of the extras and added value call us on 01 7078617, submit a booking enquiry form or book directly on our website.


Doonbeg Competition - 12 Jan 2009

WIN - a fabulous stay at Doonbeg Golf Resort & Spa

To celebrate the Shannon Health and Wellness campaign which runs throughout February 2009, Doonbeg Golf Resort & Spa in Co. Clare is offering you and a friend the chance to win an overnight deluxe stay at this top spa resort, hailed by Conde Nast as one of the hottest spas for 2007.

With the emphasis on privacy, accommodation comes in the form of beautifully decorated cottages and suites. Expect 5 star hotel service which, coupled with Doonbeg's stunning Atlantic-coast setting, will make this a stay to remember. The spa is truly first class with unique treatments such as the Caviar facial or the gorgeous "Lavender Dreams" Body Scrub.

To win an overnight stay for two people in an Ocean View Suite, delicious breakfast the following morning and either an Ocean European Cleansing facial or Swedish Massage answer this simple question: -

What is the name of the spa at Doonbeg Golf Resort & Spa?.

Email your answer with your name and telephone number to louise@spa-ireand.com.


Valentine's Day 2009 - 07 Jan 2009

It's Romance Time at some of our top Spa Ireland properties.

Valentines Day falls conveniently on a Saturday this year so there is no excuse to dodge the occasion. Lavish the one you love with a spa break and put the ghosts of Valentine's past to rest.

The Ice House in Ballina has come up trumps with a package tailor made to ensure your weekend is as loved up as can be. With bubbly, chocolate dipped strawberries and a late check out, this weekend will prove to be paradise for you and yours. Enjoy a 2 night stay, daily breakfast in bed, a 6 course evening meal and his and hers treatments at a price of €295 per person sharing. click here

The Ritz Carlton is offering a very special Valentine's Package which can be enjoyed on the 14th. It includes a 4 course meal which is prepared and served in the privacy of your room, an overnight stay and a beautiful breakfast for €205 per person sharing. We wondered whether Gordon Ramsay himself might be around to serve dinner in your room but reckon he may be a little busy. click here

And if one night at the Ritz isn't enough try the ultimate Valentine's package which allows the romance to linger for a whole weekend. 2 nights bed and breakfast, a gourmet meal and turndown service is €340 per person sharing. click here

Galgorm Manor in Co. Antrim offers a beautiful suite of packages for either a 1 night or 2 night stay. Including Secret Recipe Love Cocktails, 5 course meals and picturesque views, a stay at Galgorm will be remembered as the perfect lost Valentine's weekend. For a 1 night package details (from £122.50 pps) click here For a 2 night stay (from £260.00 stg pps) click here

Muckross Park Hotel in Killarney represents elegance and grandeur at its finest. A 2 night escape with champagne, chocolates, dinner on 1 evening, daily breakfast and a rose petal surprise costs just €250 per person sharing. click here

Mount Wolseley in Co. Carlow has an offering of 2 nights bed and breakfast, dinner on one evening plus chocolates and a Red Rose on arrival.The rooms have everything you might desire, including a mini bar, so it will be difficult to leave, even for that delicious dinner. €249 per person sharing. click here

If you're a real romantic you can stop reading at this point.

Valentine's day is less commonly known as Singles Awareness Day. We think it's because it doesn't have as nice a ring to it. Going solo is sometimes the best choice as peace and tranquility are guaranteed. Lough Erne Golf Resort have an aptly named Independently Yours Package which incorporates a 2 night stay, daily breakfast, an evening meal, 1 Thai Massage to ensure any tension knots are released and a round of Golf to get you all wound up again. A perfect reason to book extra treatments - after all the weekend is yours. €520 per person. click here

To book any of these fabulous packages or enquire about other offers, check out online availability or simply email us a booking enquiry form or call us on 01 7078617.


Spa Ireland Northern Ireland Offers - 06 Jan 2009

Exceptional value as the euro nears parity with sterling

Everyone loves a bargain, especially during January when most of us have overspent and overindulged at Christmas and need something to ease the guilt. There is some pretty good value to be had in Spa Ireland's Northern Ireland spas and with euro almost at parity with sterling, you'll be able to add on a little retail therapy during your trip. If you're already based in Northern Ireland then now's the time to try out the great options on your doorstep.

Culloden Estate and Spa Hotel just outside Belfast has long been hosting the rich and famous and will be happy to welcome you. Escape for a night with bed and breakfast and a spa treatment for €195 per person sharing. click here

Slieve Donard Resort and Spa in Co. Down, with it's stunning beachfront setting is the perfect place for a weekend of relaxation with a 2 night stay, daily breakfast and a 1 hour treatment for €300 per person sharing. click here

Galgorm Manor is not far from Ballymena and set in gorgeous countryside with activities a plenty. Enjoy a fab luxury overnight, inclusive of breakfast, dinner and that all important spa treatment for €249. There's even a hot tub!. click here

Lough Erne Golf Resort in Co. Fermanagh is a 5 star hotel with 5 star views . Their Thai spa offers unique treatments and traditional massages and should not be missed. A 2 night stay starts at €281 per person sharing. click here


10 Recession Busters for under €200 - 06 Jan 2009

From day spas to weekend breaks, now is the time to book your value spa break.

Forget the January blues - we have 10 great spa breaks for under €200. We're all tightening our belts and keeping our wallets firmly closed but there has never has been a better time to sample one of Ireland's spas.

1 - The Falls Hotel are offering the Aussie experience without the plane trip. Located near Lahinch Beach in Co. Clare, for €185.00 pps, experience this cool Spa and Surf package which offers 2 nights accommodation, daily breakfast, a surf lesson and a massage. Definitely an alternative to the traditional hen weekend. click here

2 - Essence Spa at the Clarion Cork is a funky city spa. The Indulge Spa Package will buy you a 2 night stay, daily breakfast, 1 evening meal and a mini spa treatment for €199 pps. click here

3 - Experiencing 5 star luxury needn't break the bank. The Ritz-Carlton, Powerscourt has a fabulous Winter Retreat Day Package where you can escape, be pampered and emerge rejuvenated for just €135. This is one of our top sellers so far this year so don't say we didn't tell you! click here

4 - Dunboyne Castle Hotel and Spa offer an overnight stay with dinner and full breakfast the next day, Rasul Mid Chamber experience, a half hour treatment from a choice PLUS a complimentary bottle of wine for Spa Ireland clients.. and all this for just €172.50 pps midweek. click here

5 - Escape for an overnight to Seafield Hotel in Wexford for delicious food, luxury accommodation and a lush 55-minute spa treatment in the really gorgeous Oceo Spa for €190 per person sharing. click here

6 - Lough Rea Hotel in Galway have a very special midweek break for those with the luxury of time on their hands. Indulge with a 2 night stay, daily breakfast, 1 evening meal, massage and manicure for only €195 per person sharing. click here

7 - Enjoy some southern country charm only minutes from Cork city in the 5-star Maryborough hotel.1 nights accommodation, tasty breakfast and a one hour spa treatment in the excellent ESPA spa is just €150 per person sharing. click here

8 - For a city break without the hustle and bustle, try the Royal Marine in Dun Laoghaire. Dart access is only minutes away taking you into Dublin City. After a brisk walk along the famous pier, enjoy a winter warmer of 2 nights accommodaton, daily breakfast, mud treatment for 2 and a light bite in the spa cafe for only €149 per person sharing. click here

9 - Find perfect peace in the Slieve Russell, Co. Cavan. With beautiful views and manicured lawns, your little piece of heaven is within easy reach. 2 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, 1 evening meal, a signature facial and complimentary room upgrade for €195 per person sharing. click here

10 - And finally one for the guys.The prestigious Grooming Rooms on South William Street, Dublin, cater solely for men and have a wide range of packages available, from barbering services to results driven facials. Defuzz your man with this lovely package which includes a Haircut, hot towel shave, a Swedish Back massage and a Executive manicure for just €135. click here

To book any of these packages check out availability online, send us a booking enquiry or simply call us on 01 7078617.