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It's hard to keep up with all the latest spa info - new openings, quirky treatments, best deals - so we'll do our best to keep you informed. We welcome your feedback and inputs - info@spa-ireland.com


Irish Tatler Spa Awards - 01 Dec 2016

Irish Tatler Spa Awards

The Marker wins Dublin Spa of the Year

Great to see that our neighborhood Spa at The Marker Hotel has picked up two awards at the recent Irish Tatler Spa Awards. It has won both 'Dublin Spa of the Year' and 'Overall Best Facial' for its SkinCeuticals City Recovery Facial. 

This award winning City Recovery facial is a 60 minute treatment "devised to address the skin health issues of those exposed to the environmental aggression of city living". Tackling free radicals, dehydration and sluggish skin this is an urban essential. 

To celebrate the win, The Spa at The Marker is offering spa subscribers a complimentary SkinCeuticals skin scope* (normally €20) when you book any of the SkinCeuticals facials.

To book your SkinCeuticals skin scope or for more information on the SkinCeuticals range, visit The Marker website or contact the spa team directly on spa@themarker.ie or call +353 (0) 1 687 5194. 


Elemis - 01 Nov 2016


Christmas Gift Collection

It's that time of year and as always, Elemis has a stunning range of Christmas gift items to suit the most meagre and most generous budgets. Our personal favourite is The Wonders of Frangipani BodyCare Gifts - a celebration of Frangpani and Monoi with Tahitan Coconut Oil infused with Tiare flowers that will transport you mentally from cold and dark November to a balmy beach on a summer day. 

Visit elemis.com to find the full list of Elemis Spa locations where you can purchase your gifts. 


Lisa Quish - 01 Oct 2016

Lisa Quish

October Yoga Retreats

As the end of the year approaches, it is a perfect time to plan a short break to get the last of the European sun and set yourself up for a healthy Winter. Lisa Quish is running a number of short retreats in Portugal & Italy in October in conjunction with Quinta Bonita in the Algarve and Sunflower Retreats, in Italy. She is also running a retreat in Ireland in Co.Carlow. 

Quinta Bonita
Sensitively converted from an old Portuguese estate, at Quinta Bonita traditional charm and modern luxury blend seamlessly in idyllic surroundings to create a truly unforgettable experience. Continuing a tradition of hospitality that stretches back more than 25 years, the owners Chantelle, Fraser and team provide personalised five-star service in a peaceful sanctuary of refined comfort and laid back luxury. Over four days, participants will experience all the elements that combine to create strong, flexible and fit bodies and enjoy a clear mind. The programme will include daily Yoga to create awareness, focus on the full range of body movements, cultivation of flexibility, stabilisation of the core, and development of mental agility and relaxation through daily mediations, restorative practices and breath work. There will also be an introduction to daily routines that cultivate a state of perfect health as per the yoga tradition. The walking and cycling will be lead by Fraser who is a cycling fanatic. There will also be Atlantic swims for the brave, and if not the heated pool might just have to do. Massage treatments can be added to sooth tired muscles, and free stagnant energy. There is also access to a qualified nutritionist for one to one consultations 

Sunflower Retreat
Casperia is located high in the Sabina mountains, north of Rome. With impressionist style panoramic views of an expansive valley, you can hear goat bells, see miniature cars curling around bends and watch the sun fade like a ball of fire behind the mountains.  This medieval hill top town is fully pedestrianised which adds to its Old World Charm. The yoga studios, restaurants and treatment rooms, are all located a few cobble steps away from your own casa.   It is the perfect place to practice & learn more about yoga, journal, cycle, sunbath, eat wonderful local food and mingle”.  

Lisa has been teaching yoga for over ten years. She leads weekly classes in Dublin both open and corporate. She offers individual sessions, combining the principles of Yoga and coaching and teaches retreats both at home and abroad. Her teaching is a blend of classical Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa, and is influenced by Ayurvedic principles. Classes are sequenced to engage students fully, in a challenging, compassionate and mindful way.

To get further information on the programmes, prices and/or to book please contact;

Quinta Bonita  Algarve, Portugal, from 13th – 17th October 2016
Sunflower Retreats, Casperia, Italy, from 6th - 12th October 2016.

Lisnavagh House & Gardens, Carlow, Ireland.  
Lisa will also be teaching a themed retreat, ‘Autumn Embrace’ from 21st - 23rd October 

If you have any questions please email lisaquish@gmail.com 


World Travel Awards - 15 Sep 2016

World Travel Awards

Ireland's Leading Hotel 2016

Congrats to Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa on taking the title of Ireland's Leading Hotel 2016 at  the prestigious World Travel Awards which took place earlier this month. 

To celebrate, book your own Spa Day or Stay at the hotel, call 01 274 8888 or email info@powerscourthotel.com. 


Global Wellness Summit (GWS) - 01 Sep 2016

Global Wellness Summit (GWS)

Predictions for Wellness in Europe Part 2

Last Blog, we shared with you the Top 5 predictions for Wellness in Europe as described by the smart people at the Global Wellness Summit. 

Predictions 6-10 are:

6) A wave of new wellness properties and traditions - from the Baltic to the Black to the Caspian Seas - will be discovered by the world 
European wellness seekers will increasingly “head east,” from the New Europe stretching from the Baltic to the Black Seas, further out to the Asian Caspian Sea. This region will undergo exciting wellness resort development, opening up their fascinating, little known wellness traditions to the world. For instance, the stunning Kemeri Wellness Village & Hotel under development in Latvia (once a 19th-century bathhouse under Tsar Nikolai I, and a Soviet-era health resort with 100 doctors and 1 million treatments performed annually) is a shining example. Set in historic buildings in a National Forest, this new wellness community will include a 5-star hotel and clinic, with programs from balneotherapy to sleep to fertility.

7) First true chain of hot springs resorts will stretch across Eastern Europe

Look out for the first true chain of branded hot springs properties (a collection of wellness hotels owned by one company) to stretch from Poland in the North to Moldova in the South. These will be fantastic thermal water retreats integrating medicine and wellness, and capitalizing on Eastern Europe’s (and countries like the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia’s) abundant natural springs and kurs, long-established medical-wellness retreats, and rich-in-culture cities.

8) Wellness will rewrite the European beauty market: “Beauty from the inside out” overtakes “hope in a jar”
The legacy global beauty culture is largely a European creation, where the focus has long been on the “cosmetic” (or external “appearance” and “artifice”). But a megatrend unfolding in Europe (as it has in the U.S. and Asia) is wellness-as-beauty…or “beauty from the inside out.” And this dramatically different philosophy and aesthetic will shake up the marketing strategies and sales monopolies of the big cosmetic/skincare houses. Because the beauty-comes-from-within argument makes the cosmetics (and purely topical skincare) argument look more like hyped “hope in a jar.”

9) High-tech beauty (devices and more aggressive procedures) finally hits Europe

Near-medical, high-tech, device-driven beauty procedures are a booming market in the Americas and Asia, and they’re about to become one in Europe. We will see European hotel spas increasingly offer sophisticated “I-want-results-immediately” treatments using all types of cutting-edge beauty technology - which might start with a computer precisely analyzing your skin condition, followed by an intensive microdermabrasion peel, ultrasound or needling. 
10) New, important distinctions will be made between wellness, wellbeing & happiness
Shifts in language indicate shifts in thinking. If we’ve had the term” wellness,” the “quality of being healthy”, with its emphasis on proactive improvement of physical, mental, social, etc. health, since the 1970s, there has recently been a confusion, or even a supplanting, of the concept by the terms “wellbeing” and “happiness” – in Europe and globally. This has been spurred by important research that measures “happiness” (i.e., the “United Nations World Happiness Index”) and “wellbeing” (i.e., the “Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index”) in nations around the world, which captures key measurements like social support, trust in government/business, freedom – in addition to income realities and the physical health of the population.  
Europe has much to teach the world about “wellness,” “well-being” and “happiness” (North European nations dominate the UN Happiness Report)as the pioneer of holistic wellness and should embrace “wellness” – staying true to the prevention mantel that will be so important for the region, and the world. 

With thanks to the people at the GWS for their brainpower and vision. 


Global Wellness Summit (GWS) - 15 Aug 2016

Global Wellness Summit (GWS)

Predictions for Wellness in Europe Part 1

In May, the Global Wellness Summit (GWS), an annual conference for international leaders in the wellness industry, released ten predictions on the future of wellness, travel, spa and beauty in Europe. The organization asked its partner experts in Europe - from CEOs of top travel, spa and beauty companies to leading economists and researchers - to forecast where wellness is headed in Europe. Predictions range from European nations increasingly “legislating wellness” by taxing unhealthy products - to a surge in new wellness properties (and discovery of little-known traditions) across Eastern Europe– to the vast European beauty market being rewritten by both wellness and high-tech approaches – to wellness resorts refocusing on nature, peace and authenticity. 

The Predictions, 1-5  are - (we'll share 6-10 with you in our next news update):  

1) Europe has long been the world’s wellness leader; has seen stagnation in last decade; but investment and innovation is coming When it comes to wellness, Europe has for centuries been way out in front: with the region (especially Austria, Germany and Switzerland) inventing the truly holistic wellness concept that extends far beyond spa, to include nutrition, fitness, traditional medicine, mindfulness and a powerful connection to nature (kurs, baths, and healing systems like 19th-century Sebastian Kneipp’s, marrying hydrotherapy, herbalism, movement, nutrition and mental wellness). For so long, the world has had major catching up to do, but in the last decade they (i.e., the Americas, Asia) have: there has been recent stasis in Europe in innovating new, creative wellness offerings. In the future, Europe will (and must) focus on European Wellness 2.0, and private investment in older, once-state-sponsored European spas - as well as new wellness retreat concepts – will heat up to help make that a reality.

2) Wellness will be legislated: European nations will increasingly tax unhealthy food and beverages – and “Big Food” will remake themselves as wellness companies More than half of European adults are overweight, with obesity tripling in many European countries since the 80s (WHO). The sheer cost of this epidemic means than more European nations will start taxing unhealthy food and beverages. In March, the UK joined Scandinavian countries, France and Hungary in imposing a sugar tax on canned drinks. Fighting back against the new legislation, European food and beverage manufacturers will reduce the amount of sugar in their products to preempt governments, as they also rebrand/reengineer around “healthy” or “wellness” foods.

3) Tourism will be Europe’s fastest growing sector – and wellness travel will grow even faster Tourism will continue to have a very strong economic impact in Europe, and wellness tourism will grow even faster. Europe’s tourism market will grow 2.8% a year over the next decade, outpacing annual economic growth of 1.9% - making it Europe’s fastest growing market, equaled only by the financial sector. And With vastly increased stress, an aging population, and people’s new quest for total wellbeing, over the next decades European wellness tourism will grow significantly faster than tourism overall. For instance, Global Wellness Institute research estimates a 7.3% annual growth rate between 2012-2017.

4) “Get Thee to a Wellness Monastery”: European wellness resorts will refocus on deep authenticity, peace, quiet and nature The European (and global) consumer is facing unprecedented stress and 24/7 digital connection and “noise.” Radically pressured lives mean we don’t feel well anymore, and it’s creating new desires: for complete time out, uncompromising peace and quiet, and to be close to the forces of nature. And European wellness/spa resorts will increasingly shift their focus from glitzy, amenity-driven, “exotic” luxury to meet these powerful needs. Everything – from resort design/environments, guest rooms, spa treatments and fitness experiences – will shift to intense authenticity and nature…the new stage for self-transformation and “re-finding oneself.” Equal parts spectacular and simple wellness retreats will appear on top of mountains, deep in the woods and snow, on the water, in the form of everything from treehouses to houseboats. Spas, treatments and saunas will emerge from the basement to burst out into the trees as new “nature cocoons.” The new luxury: sleeping in a glass igloo, wrapped in reindeer skins, with the Northern Lights sparkling above. Wellness retreats being developed in former monasteries (i.e. Schloss Mondsee, Austria; Eremito, Italy) are as much a tangible trend as a perfect metaphor for the future directions in Europe’s wellness destinations: calm, simplicity, wild nature, spirituality and profound self-seeking will be front-and-center…and they will give Europeans (and the world) what they most desperately seek.

5) Spa 2.0: Rise of the European mini-kur   Bathing, and going on serious (10-day-plus) kurs, has always been a way of life in Europe. But now this time-honored, time-intensive tradition is emerging as a much shorter affair. “Mini-kurs” that pack in a 2-3 hour bathing ritual, spa treatments, nutritious food, movement, relaxation, and meditation/mindfulness (in one day or two) will trend. “Taking the waters” and hitting spa resorts will happen in shorter injections because busier Europeans are short on time, and there’s also growing unease about air travel, so people are staying closer to home.

We'll tell you about predictions 6-10 in our next Blog update. 


Elemis - 01 Aug 2016


Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss

We like Elemis as a brand; it's been results-focused before anyone was really considering the results associated with skincare.

The latest addition to their goodie-bag of products is Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules. We all know the importance of protecting skin against pollution such as smoke, fumes and dust which can cause aggravations, sensitivity and dull looking skin that in time could be a reason behind some skins looking older, quicker.

To prevent these chemical particles sinking into skin, a protectant barrier as well as skincare that counteract these damaging effects should play a key role within your daily routine. Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules contain the highest concentration of Anti-Oxidant power to help repair the visible signs of ageing and counteract the damaging effects of everyday pollution. This potent complex acts as a cell de-stressor, breaking down the accumulation of harmful toxins that clog up the skin matrix which in turn impair its function and ability to absorb vital nutrients.

Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules are completely natural but incredibly powerful: they literally bring life to your skin.The secret ingredient is Moringa Oil which has 1700% more antioxidant power than any other oil. The results are visible: clearer, more vibrant skin, relaxed and primed for maximum absorption.

Available at Elemis.com, £65 for 60 capsules (and with the weaker £pound, this is probably a good time to buy them online). 


Ballygarry Break - 01 Jul 2016

Ballygarry Break

Great Value Offer

It's nice when you come across a great value offer in a property where the staff still ooze traditional hospitality. 

Enjoy this Spa Exclusive One Night Break from only €135 per person sharing. It includes:

  • One night stay in a double or twin guest room
  • Full Irish Breakfast
  • 4 course meal in Brooks Restaurant on one evening of choice
  • €50 Spa Credit per person 
  • Full complimentary access to Nádúr Spa facilities during your stay

As ever, Terms & Conditions apply- Spa credit can only be used toward full price treatments - and the offer is subject to availability.

Call Ballygarry House directly to make bookings on 066 712 3322/ +353 66 712 3322.




Reports from The Global Wellness Institute

The world of wellness is an ever-evolving one and it's great to have bodies such as The Global Wellness Institute to keep us all up to date on trends. The Institute has just released two related pieces of research on workplace wellness:
1) The "Future of Workplace Wellness" - covering everything from the state of the increasingly unhealthy, aging, stressed global workforce (that would include me!), to the state of workplace wellness programs worldwide and in the US. 
2) Key findings from a GWI/Everyday Health survey of American employees ("The Power of Company 'Caring'"). The overwhelming finding: formal wellness programs aren't making much of an impact - in fact, employees have become extremely cynical about them, with 75% reporting they only exist to help the company's own bottom line. 
The pivotal factor was whether an employee identified their company as actually “caring about their health/wellness,” and when they did, their overall health, stress and job engagement measures were MUCH higher. The report then analyzed the many tangible and intangible elements that most constitute “company caring” according to workers (whether flexible work hours or healthy work spaces). And what matters differs significantly for Millennial vs. Gen X/Boomer workers. Important finding: overall, "intangibles" like emotional, social and organizational "wellness" at work matter even more than tangibles like fair pay and healthy food. 
Access both reports here: http://www.globalwellnessinstitute.org/industry-research/


ASHFORD CASTLE - 01 Jun 2016


* New Spa

This is one for the very and most special occasions we all aspire to. With its fairytale setting, the brand new Spa and Fitness Centre at Ashford Castle is a welcome addition to this already most stunning of properties. In the shape of a striking bronze conservatory, the Spa provides a sanctuary of calm and serenity inspired by the peaceful location and history of this iconic building with uninterrupted views stretching across Lough Corrib. 

A plethora of carefully designed features include three exquisite seashell chandeliers and a Tree of Life mural stretching the length of the relaxation pool. Facilities include five exceptional treatment rooms, an invigorating Hammam, relaxing steam room and a beautiful terrace area with serene views over the tranquil waters of one of Ireland’s largest lakes. The Spa and Fitness Centre offers the latest wellness innovation with PureFlow™ technology, the first of its kind in Ireland. 

For more information visit www.ashfordcastle.com. 


ELEMIS - 01 May 2016


NEW* Smart Cleanse Micellar Water

Keeping skin clean is a pretty basic premise and yet, we cleanse our skin and immediately pile on fresh foundation to hide the cracks. ELEMIS is a brand that has always focused on results so when it tells us that modern lifestyles demand smart skincare solutions – and that’s where ELEMIS Smart Cleanse Micellar Water comes in - we tend to listen up.

This refreshing and clarifying micellar water "quickly and effectively cleanses the skin, removing make-up and the daily build-up of skin pollutants". Texturally, micellar water is similar to a toner. But make no mistake, this is an infinitely powerful cleanser thanks to the micelles which attract dirt, grime and oil, drawing out impurities without drying out the skin.

Now for the detail! The cleansing micelles are "enhanced with a complex of natural surfactants derived from Apple amino acids, Rosehip Seed oil and Indian Soapnut to lift impurities from the skin. Infused with delicately-scented Organic English Rose water and soothing anti-oxidant rich Chamomile, the gentleness of the Smart Cleanse Micellar Water makes it particularly suited to sensitive skin. Skin is cleansed, whilst the natural moisture barrier is maintained to reveal a clear, radiant complexion". Simply sweep over the skin with a clean cotton wool pad as part of your cleansing regime. Perfect for double cleansing or cleansing on the go. A smart way to deep cleanse. Buy at your local ELEMIS Spa, there are many around Ireland.


Lough Eske Hotel, Donegal - 01 Apr 2016

Lough Eske Hotel, Donegal

Spring into Summer

Spring is finally here and it's time to break free from Winter and experience Donegal's only 5 star Castle Hotel by the shores of Lough Eske. As the days get warmer and brighter, explore the estate’s lakeside trails, take a historical Castle tour or head off together on the complimentary bikes.

Lough Eske Castle is also the perfect base for sight-seeing throughout Ireland's beautiful Northwest where you will discover an array of scenic coastal drives and wonderful visitor attractions along Donegal's stunning Wild Atlantic Way.

Stay for one night midweek €199.00 per couple. Stay for two nights midweek for €349.00 per couple. Price includes: 

Accommodation in a Deluxe guestroom for two guests
Full Irish Breakfast Daily
One €40 credit per stay based on the Table d’hôte menu in Cedars Restaurant
Complimentary use of the heated indoor pool and fitness room at Spa Solís
Experience a complimentary guided tour of historical Lough Eske Castle

Available Sunday to Thursday only. Call +353 (0)74 972 5100.


St Patrick's Day - 12 Mar 2016

St Patrick's Day

The Spa at The Shelbourne

Indulge in five star pampering this St Patrick's Day. Pre, post or during the Parade make your way to The Spa at The Shelbourne to relax, unwind and rejuvenate the body during the St Patricks day celebrations. Enjoy:

The Shelbourne Signature Swedish Massage
Normally €120.00, enjoy The Shelbourne Signature Swedish massage for €109.00 with a complimentary glass of Prosecco. This signature full body massage is a traditional treatment adapted to each client's needs and includes a wonderful tension relieving scalp massage to ease away the last of those stresses.


Fire & Ice Pedicure
Normally €65.00, for tired feet and achy muscles enjoy this luxury Fire & Ice Pedicure for €59.00 with a complimentary glass of Prosecco in the Salon at the Shelbourne.

Valid from Tuesday 15th – Friday 18th March 2016. Subject to availability.  To book your treatment simply call 01 663 4500 


Bellinter House Spring Retreat - 01 Mar 2016

Bellinter House Spring Retreat

From €85.00 per person sharing

Say goodbye to Winter with this Spring special offer at the lovely Bellinter House, near Navan, Co Meath. Enjoy one night Bed & Breakfast with a rejuvenating spa treatment in the Bathhouse Spa.

From €85.00 per person sharing. Available Monday -Thursday in March only.

Call Bellinter House on 353 (0)46 903 0900


The Spa at InterContinental - 01 Feb 2016

The Spa at InterContinental

February Offers

1st February, depending on your weather-optimacy levels, is the end of darkest winter and the start of spring making it a great month to spring-clean your skin so take yourself off to the Spa at InterContinental (formerly the Four Seasons) in Dublin. Two February only offers are:

Vanilla Crush
Enjoy this vanilla scented treatment that will leave you refreshed and relaxed with the soothing aromas. Full body Vanilla exfoliation followed by a vanilla full body massage, ideal to scrub away the winter dullness and leave the skin replenished and relaxed after this indulgent treatment. 85 Minutes - €110 midweek, €120 Saturday and Sunday


Pro-Facial Promotion ESPA ProFacial with complimentary back massage 
85 minutes - €110

Call + 353 1 665 4000


Linann Yoga - 23 Jan 2016

Linann Yoga

Spring Yoga at The Park Hotel Kenmare

February 26 to March 13 2016 

Take time to get out and active this Spring in the Kingdom of Kerry. Book in for a weekend, midweek or a few days away in the renowned 5 Star Park Hotel Kenmare. You choose the length of your stay between 26 February and 13 March. Each day will be packed with group activities such as Serenity walks along Kenmare Bay, Revitalising Morning Yoga, Hikes across part of the Kerry Way, Welcome Talks, and Restore & Relax classes in the evenings. All with the addition of an award winning Spa which will be waiting to help you revive after your days activities.

Typical Daily Programme…
 8.30 - 9.30am : Revitalizing Morning Yoga
9.30am : Breakfast 
11.00 - 2.00pm : Hike across part of the Kerry Way
2.30pm : Free time to have lunch, tour Kenmare, or book into the Spa
5.00pm : Welcome walk and talk
6.00 .- 7.15pm : Restore & Relax Yoga in An Tigin
 The Hikes will run on Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Every other day we will have a shorter alternative walk closer to the hotel.

Your level of Yoga...
All classes are open to complete beginners, and also for those who are more experienced. Our focus will be on gentle movement and relaxation, waking up our bodies as we come into the Spring time.
The place...Park Hotel Kenmare...
A vibrant hotel with wonderful facilities like the Deluxe Destination Spa SÁMAS, SISLEY Treatments, 25mt Lap Pool, Cinema and daily lifestyle classes. This Victorian landmark, dating from 1897, with its splendid views over the glistening waters of Kenmare Bay, the ever changing light of the Cork and Kerry Mountains, the adjoining 18 hole golf course, garden walks and the Heritage Town of Kenmare is home to one of Ireland’s finest hotels. Tradition, in every sense, is important to them as is the fun of today, the devilment of a younger guest, the delight of a couple holding hands and the delivery of true service. It is a rare place where the decadence of the past is married with the modernism of today.

Nightly Bed & Breakfast Rates Commence From €95pps
To book your place, go to www.parkkenmare.com or call +353 64 664 1200


The Marker Dublin - 01 Jan 2016

The Marker Dublin

New Year Offers

January can be a great time to visit Dublin, the hotels often have excellent rates and you can enjoy 5* luxury at a - relatively - affordable price. 

The Marker is brilliantly located next door to the Bord Gais Theatre and within walking distance of Grafton Street. There are lots of packages on offer via The Marker Website but one that caught our Spa-like eye is the Sumptuous Stayover - a one night stay for two with breakfast and a 30-minute spa treatment each from €285.00 per night.