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Park Hotel Kenmare & Samas Spa, Kerry
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From its conception SÁMAS was designed to soothe and revive the tension, stress and fatigue that greet our every day. Even in ancient Ireland they had a Gaelic word for it SÁMAS, indulgence of the senses. Today you can enjoy the virtues of this bygone age in a special and quite unique place that blends healing and therapeutic traditions from the East and West with the life inspiring scenery of Kerry to revive the body, mind and soul.

The SÁMAS Experience comprises of 3 elements, Thermal Suite, Holistic Treatment of your choice and Pure Relaxation. By experiencing the physical and mental relaxation of this approach you have the chance to realise the importance and benefit of a moment of calm and personal space in our everyday lives.

Samas is also committed to offering a range of activity led experiences whether that be Pilates with Lynne Robinson Pilates or Yoga with Katy Appleton.

Body Polish

SÁMAS Silkening Body Polish
Succumb to a sumptuous body polishing experience. Hydrating sea-salt and pure cane sugar crystals, saturated with nourishing infusions of Indian rose, Tamarin or Jasmine, create the perfect warm oil scrub to reveal silky-soft and radiant skin.

Body Wrap

SÁMAS Warming Envelopment
Mineral - rich Himalayan Clay deposits from the Holy Ganga region in India prive to have immensely detoxifying and purifying properties and have been used in medicinal recipies for centuries. This warming body envelopment also contains a high concentration of organic herbs, crushed seeds and roots, known for their healing and therapeutic qualities. While enshrouded in warm linens, tension disolves with a blissful head massage.


Eyelash Tint


Gentle Hydrating Rose Facial
Moisture replenishing for normal/dry/sensitive skin.

Fresh Complexion Facial
Rebalancing for oily, congested, hormonal skin.


Eyebrow Tint
Eyebrow Tint

Eyelash/Brow Tint Combined

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage
A deeply calming treatment focusing on the tense areas of the head, neck and scalp.


SÁMAS Nurturing Massage
Drift into complete relaxation as this slow and soothing massage releases deep-seated tension, while pure and fragrant botanical oils rebalance the mind and body. Created especially to neutralize those times of high stress.

SÁMAS Invigorating Massage
Formulated to stimulate the whole body, this energetic and uplifting massage will recharge your energy levels and bring clarity of mind. Body brushing and energetic massage techniques tonify the muscles and assist in the elimination of toxins, resulting in a calming yet alert state of well-being

Be Cradled Massage
Sink into total relaxation as the nurturing hands of your therapist treats you to a soothing back, neck and shoulder massage, while a gentle foot and head treatment lulls you and your baby into a quiet space between waking and sleeping.

SÁMAS Deep Tissue Massage
Advanced forearm and elbow techniques work deep into the muscle layers, while stretching and lenghtening for freedom of movement. Powerful oils combined with therapeutic techniques encourage mobility and erase tension. Ideal for athletic people or those experienced in massage.

SAMAS Hot Stone Therapy
Allow yourself to be entranced by warm flowing oils and the soothing caress of smooth basalt stones, as they glide in unison to melt away your stress and heal your soul.

Maternity Treatments

Nursing Mothers
Postnatal massage assists the body in 'settling back down.' It helps to restore energy levels after labour and helps to balance hormones and gives you some much needed time to yourself. This Irelandspas massage can also be tailored to suit your individual needs, helping you to be yourself again. Recommended six to eight weeks after giving birth.

Mother to be Massage
Pregnancy and birth is a time of new beginnings. A healing and caring touch is so vital to a mother's well-being as she adapts to her new body. A pregnant woman's body is challenged, changed and stressed in so many ways. Devised by Irelandspas, this unique massage can help relieve symptoms and help ensure a safe and comfortable pregnancy for mums to be. Recommended after first 3 months.


SÁMAS Foot Reflexology
An ancient method of healing the body and mind. Pressure point massage is applied to the soles of the feet to stimulate different organs of the body, working on energy lines to encourage the body's natural healing system.

Spa Ritual

SÁMAS Ladies Ritual
Surrender oneself to this luxurious body experience.This ritual begins with a complete skin smoothing and hydrating body polish. Stress and tension are eased away through a series of flowing massage movements together with a warm infusion of fragrant oils that release the natural flow of energy through the body and mind. Relaxation is heightened with deep facial cleansing and hypnotic acupressure massage.

SÁMAS Men's Ritual
Specifically designed for men, this stress relieving Ritual targets those areas most needed. A rejuvenating hot oil body polish is followed with precise therapeutic massage techniquesusing on the back, feet and head tackling muscular knots and freeing the mind.

SÁMAS Definitive Back, Head and Scalp Ritual
Inspired by ancient traditions, this is the ultimate tonic for aching bodies and restless minds. Allow your therapist to unravel muscular tension, while the endless flow of warm scented oil nourishes hair and scalp, releasing tension and inducing sleep.

Be Nourished Body Indulgence
During pregnancy, skin has a tendancy to become de-hydrated as the body expands in preparation for your new arrival. This skin treatment is designed to replenish moisture loss and prevent stretch marks while allowing you time- out to unwind body and mind. Gentle exfoliation and lavish drizzling of extra hydrating oil and milk, silkens and smoothens while nourishing parched skin.

Mother- to- Be Ritual
Total indulgence for the mother- to- be. Replenish moisture levels and nutrients to your skin with this complete treatment for the face and body. Comforting massage will ease away areas of stress while luxurious milk balm saturates dehydrated skin. Culminating with a customised facial and head massage to send you into deep relaxation.

Swedish Massage

Traditional Swedish Massage
Back or Full Body Swedish Massage.


Bikini Wax

Underarm Wax

Lip and Chin Wax

Eyebrow Shape/Wax