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Spa Ireland


A guide to spa sense

Staying in a spa property for the first time or trying out spa treatments can be a little daunting; we've all been there. Here are some tips we've learnt along the way, which we hope will make your stay even more relaxing.


If you must cancel treatments once you arrive at your destination, please give the spa as much advance notice as possible. Cancellation policies vary and on many occasions, a refund is not possible, though it may be possible to book an alternative time or date. Our advice – stick to your plans if you can.


It’s hard to “categorise” spas in a way that makes sense universally as describing a spa can often be very subjective. Failte Ireland, the Irish Tourist Board, have published a categorization which is useful but to our mind, overly complex. We’ve simplified it and list spas by 4 different types – Destination, Resort, Hotel and Day Spa. You’ll find each spa on our website falls into one of these categories but do read the spa information within each property profile carefully as it will give you a real idea of what the spa offers.

Changing Rooms

You'll find robes, towels and slippers in virtually all spa changing room areas and many provide other items such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion cleansers, cotton wool and tissues. Hairdryers are also common and sometimes you will find little machines for wringing out swimsuits, very handy.

Conversation & Socialising

We've never failed to meet anyone during a spa break, the Irish are naturally friendly but it's better to keep the conversational volume low. It is very common to find solo travelers on spa breaks and it is up to each person to decide on how much social interaction they desire. It's entirely possible to have a virtually silent retreat if you choose and to enjoy your very comfortable bedroom and room service menu. It's also possible to mingle with other guests so best to be mindful of why someone is there – it's not a great idea to try socializing with someone who has come for a total talk-free escape so be sensitive to your fellow spa-goers motivations.